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I will be visiting Leh for a 6 day trip. I want to make a timelapse of the trip using my Sony Xperia ZR. So please recommend and suggest.. i was thinking to taking two 32gb cards. I hope shuffling the cards wont hamper the functioning of the phone ;). Will use a mix of app Droid Timelaps and still images taken without app.
I hope two 32gb cards would be enough.. Suggestions :)


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I dont understand what do you mean by "making timelapse of the trip". It would have made more sense if you would have said something like "I want to create a few timelapse shots".

Timelapses are usually made of a one particular scene. And its made by taking a shot every few seconds for hours keeping a camera at a one particular location on tripod. A good timelapse would depend on the number of hours you put in and the lowest interval of shots you can take.

So for eg, if you want a time lapse of say 1 min that would mean 60 sec X 14 fps = 840 shots. So if you take one shot every one minute you can compress 14 hrs of event in one min smooth time lapse. Of course you can manage to skip an hour or lower the interval from one to 30 seconds. But you get the idea that its not so easy creating a time lapse. But now a days there are apps available that does the job. No idea how it works though. So you might need to do some research.
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