Htc m8 vs m7??in contract.

Hey all,
I was planning an upgrade for my phone. and was considering the m8.i liked the dot view case alot.
But turns out m7 is getting sense 6 in the end of may. and now im confused between m7 and m8.

Any one using m7 or m8?any suggestions .

And fyi im buying the phone under contract. And its my first phone in contract (vodafone Au).so if any of you guys have tips regarding the same it would be great.


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If there's no budget restriction then it's always recommended to go for the latest model.

The difference between M7 and M8 are very marginal. They just made the phone even more better than before now, gone are those plastic bezel at the sides. And there's the external SD support as well. And the CPU is faster obviously. But camera and display remained same, whatever they are saying about the better camera is just post processing done via software, nothing has been changed hardware wise.

I personally like the design and shape of M7 better. Also M8 has just been released, so prices are still high. However as you're on a contract you won't have to worry that much about it. Definitely M8 is a better phone, but unless you're crazy about specs or wanna always stay up to date I don't think there's anything wrong with M7. It's a lovely device after all.
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