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Suggestion for college project

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My brother is doing his final year Bsc Computer Science.
I am looking for a suitable project title for him.

I want him to use a database and do something.
But, I am confused whether to go ahead with Java or .NET.
Also, I need some idea, so as what to implement.
I had suggested a Ticket reservation or a parcel booking syste.

Any other ideas would be appreciated


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i think this would be better under the programming section. Anyway, databases would be a good area to do a project on. If you are looking for these "management systems" like college, school, ticket, parcel, train, bus, transportation, company, billing, accounts, whatever, you can find lots of these kind of projects online via google. Whether to do it via Java or .net is solely your brother's preference, whatever he is good in he can do it. But I feel implementation using .net would be easier, but however I dont know java so I cant comment on that.


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I'd made a killer database system using QBASIC way back in class 10.

And oh, what graphics I had included. Those were the days.

QBASIC is still killer.


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in my course of BCA i have to do projects implementing DBMS(4th sem 80 marks) and RDBMS(6th sem 300 marks).
for both the projects i used ,net2003 and .net2005 with SQL Server 2000.
its a good combination. and the good thing about .net is that you have MSDN is available.
But this time some ppl in my class used java too insted of .net. they were lucky as the examiner did not know java and how things work in it.

any ways the thing is that as it was told above you can use either this or that.
but you need to be through in what you use.

may be you already know this but still its a small tip.
always start designing the data base first and then design the forms in java or .net.
first have a rough idea of what your project will contain and then on paper finalize the tables with their relations, only then start with coding the dbms and then you move to form designing.

as you get ideas you need to see how and where you can implement them.


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thanks a lot chicha.....
members can you pls provide some more topics that can be taken up as a project


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if you really are planning for web application use php+mysql rather than asp.net +sql server...

you can accelerate much with php+mysql than other as a learner

just my suggestion
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