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Pantech Burst


Broken In
Hey guys!

Im going to the US, and I am gonna be buying a Pantech Burst there..

Im kinda an ultranoob in Mobiles.. more of a PC savvy guy.. so please dont mind. :p

I was wondering if I buy it in the US what all I have to do to use it in India, will I face any problems or anything?

And my sister said that since it cant be upgraded to JB it sucks.. but I read ur reviews and I saw its pretty good even with ICS so idk.

anyways, can I upgrade it to JB? and If I can't is it good? or is it not worth it?

Please tell me what you all think :)

im kinda nub so if possible give explanations into difficult terms.. :/ :p


Tech lover
One thing if you going to US why u no buy nexus 4 for 299$/350$ for 8gb/16gb. Ultra vfm and superior specs and promised support?


Legend Never Ends
The major problem you will have if the phone has some problem with it. You will have to ship it to USA for fixing it.

Also keep in mind phones bought abroad don't have valid warranty in India.


Broken In
I dont have that kinda money for Nexus 4 :p

and I cant make such a big upgrade, my parents wont allow for sure..

So currently, at present there are no mods/hacks to upgrade it to JB?

ya, I am aware about the international warranty, and I am guessing I just have to risk it. :/
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