1. G

    best smartphone under 30K !!!!!

    guyz m looking for best smartphone under 30k.....switching from xperia z ...... not interested in one plus 2 and moto g style....(as my other frnds has tht) priorities ... 1) awsm display must* 2) fast ( no lagg or hang) 3) camera....(not like professional bt should be better than xperia z) 4)...
  2. RBX

    OneNote : disable spell check for a particular style

    I have to create notes for a friend, and would like to disable spell check for the Code style, such that it stays disabled even when he sees it.
  3. A

    Cube World

    This game has been getting a lot of hype over the past couple of days. Cube World is essentially an MMO. You have four classes to choose from each with their own specialties and weapon/armor sets - Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Ranger, with many races to choose from as well. You travel around...
  4. topgear

    Issue With Opera Browser

    Have a look at the screenshot : now I want this window menu ( or whatever it is ) gone and get the back all the menu accesssible from the opera icon on the top left corner .. using the most recent non beta version without any sort of themes, plugins or addons other than default .. also...
  5. Anorion

    blitz brigade : tf2 style multiplayer fps

    free 2 play, out on play and itunes *
  6. H

    Batman vs. Ironman

    The oldest superhero war on the internet. Both of them are billionaire genius playboy philanthropists who fight supervillans, are a part of a superhero team, have no super powers and largely rely on gadgets and their wits etc. My answer is obvious: Why: 1. He is the...
  7. Allu Azad

    Do you Like the new Forum Style ?

    Frankly I dont like the new forum style :( Any way to revert it ?
  8. lethalweaponforever

    Buying a GPU in hyderabad

    Does anyone here know where I can (reliably) buy a GPU in hyderabad/secunderabad. I've just moved here from Chennai and am looking for some 'Ritchie Street' style place here to buy a MSi 6790.. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. comp@ddict

    From China To Taiwan, GOOGLE Style - LOL

    Here's the EPIC story of cross channel travel, google style. - - Get Directions - CHINA to TAIWAN
  10. K

    Gift to firefox lovers

    No software on this planet has released like this. This is STYLE. WOW.
  11. NewsBytes

    Creative Zen X-Fi Style - A stylish and compact PMP

    Creative’s Zen X-Fi line of portable media players have been around for quite a while. We are all familiar with what to expect in these players. Sometime back we had tested the Creative Zen X-Fi 2 touchscreen PMP. That was a complete letdown on the user experience front thanks to the...
  12. Rockstar11

    latest style of Jeans & Shoes for men in india?

    Tell the latest style of Jeans & Shoes for men in india?
  13. D

    rack cabinet (horizontal cabinet) not vertical/standing.

    i guess my topic is clear enough. i recently did the wood work for my room, and i didnt go for tower style, but i went for the rack style computer section. the size is just 21/2" i.e. 2.5 inches. can i get a good decent horizontal cabinet or rack based, so i can stuff these 4 motherboards in...
  14. karthik55859

    where i can find ZUNE HD in india?

    hello every one, i finally decided to buy the zune hd platinum model[32gb]....but i cant able to find any one retailer in india selling that piece....plz give some suggestions regarding to this purchase of zune hd.... one more thing.... by the way...where can i find sony's Premium EX Earbud...
  15. NewsBytes

    Inglourious Basterds: The Movie

      Anyone who has seen some of his previous movies (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Deathproof) will tell you that Quentin Tarantino is an acquired taste. So distinct is his style of script-writing, direction and editing that it’s impossible not tell his movies apart...
  16. A

    suggest please

    Motorola V8, SonyEricssion W980 or the Nokia E66, which one to go for ? Any other good one available in flip/slide. I want it in flip or slide style.
  17. C


    Each one of you might have had those 10rs Vegetable sandwiches you get in the city. Like its just bread slice+chutney+vegetables+bread slice but still it tastes different and whole lot better than home-made sandwiches made in same style. The secret lies in their chutney. Anyone can make that...
  18. sonicspeed

    Lenovo sexiest pocket book EVER!

    Link: *
  19. cyber

    making changes for aero style in vista

    hey guys u can change the border for aero style in vista. 1.right click on the desktop personalize 3.choose color and appearance 4.choose open classic appearance properties for more color options 5.make sure the color scheme is aero and click on advance button 6. select border padding...
  20. L

    Vista Look

    Hey friends i try some new style in vista if u like i will tell how i did
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