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Welcome to the place to discuss weird, wonderful and crazy gizmos and stuff. Post everything that looks interesting, no matter how useless it is. This thread follows two simple rules:

1. It must be weird/interesting :lol:
2. The stuff you link to must be available to purchase in India, out of stock okay :cool:

Here we go:

1. Instacloth:

Instacloth Converts From Tablet TO A Towel 8 PCS UK | eBay

2. One Trip Grip:

ONE Trip Grip Shopping Grocery BAG Grips Holder Handle Carrier Tool | eBay

3. Samurai Shark Sharpening Blade:

Samurai Shark Sharpening Blade Sharpens Everything Must Have FOR Every ONE | eBay

4. Contractible Portable Canister Style Car Umbrella Holder

Contractible Portable Canister Style CAR Umbrella Holder Fits ANY Size | eBay

I'll post more in time, come on people, join me and lets get the weird stuff rolling.


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Number 8 and 9 of second post are the most sickening thing I have ever seen on any sort of forum, ever.


I will add Smart watches to the list. It doesn't look interesting to me though.


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