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I went to an Audio Meet to listen to some headphones and IEMs, great stuff



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HEX v2 - Very airy open sound. Female vocals master. HEX has the best female vocals in any headphone I have ever heard including the $50,000 Hifiman Shangri La. Bass is compressive. Typical Planar Bass. The bass texture is amazing. The headphones as a whole needs more body though. HEX also has a very annoying 8Khz peak which makes it very fatiguing after a couple hours.

THX00 - Typical THX00 sound xD. Very good for the budget. Fk'd up Treble -> Very peaky. Bass cannon. Bass and sub-bass are through the roof. Recessed midrange. This is Mahogany. Purpleheart is even more recessed. No soundstage.

Ether Flow - Spectacular Treble. Very smooth sound. Just flows like liquid.(Now that I think about it, maybe they named it because of this). Sub-bass presence is very low, characteristic of it being open. Bass is good and well textured. Could use a little more definition. Notes are just the right size, not too thick or thin. Separation is decent. Again, needs a tad bit more body, almost there btw. It's leaning on the reference side than on the musical side. Pretty large soundstage.

CA Andromeda - No sub-bass. Mid Bass is decent. Mids and Treble are very reference and not very engaging. Very smooth though, just like the Ether Flow. Think HD800 like sound in an IEM. Big soundstage.

64 Audio A12 ADEL - Very wide soundstage. Mids and Bass are just superb. Almost the best in class. Treble sucks. Very musical.

UM Mason - Decent. Treble is peaky.

Earsonics Velvet - Very fast BA bass. Soundstage is small. Decent listen overall.
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