1. Apollo

    We don't need no... homework! YAY!!

    Remember all the time you spent doing homework cooped up inside your house, trying to pay attention to what's inside your textbook while all your friends were busy playing cricket or football downstairs and creating an unusually loud ruckus? Distracting you to the maximum? Turns out, homework's...
  2. P

    26 years old, need help in regaining studies.

    Dear, Digitians I left my studies in 2006 when I was in the 12 standard. My educational qualification now is HS 1st yr passed. Recently my uncle told me he would sponsor for my studies. I am 26yrs old now, and would really like to know, if its good to continue my studied at this age. Would...
  3. Anorion

    Sitting will kill you (and yes, it causes cancer)

    Sitting will kill you, even if you exercise -
  4. D

    Any hope after B.E

    My b.e mechanical exams will soon be over. After 2 year drops my interest in studies was gradually over. I was studying just for the sake of passing the exams. I was interested in doing engineering but it has become a nightmare for me. I have seen guys with first class sitting jobless after...
  5. E

    Career options in IT after 10th

    Hello Guys!!! I passed my 10th in 2010 with 74%.After that i left my studies due to some problems.And even now I have no interest of resuming my studies as i am pretty bad in it.So,I joined my father's business.My father is a general merchant.But I have no interest in this business.My...
  6. debarshi

    Soft Music, Instrumental And songs during Studies

    I have a habit of listening to soft music and instrumentals during studying, especially mathematics But my playlist is old enough, and getting boring........ Can you guys suggest me some good songs, music or instrumentals which can be listened to during studies........ It'll be a great...
  7. P

    Need assistance in Freelancer jobs...

    Friends, and of course Sir's :) I am planning to get some financial aid for my further studies in the field of Electronics and Communication Engg. I am now studying E & C polytechnic diploma. To secure my future its necessary to complete Engineering in the same field. But as you know...
  8. R

    Hows HP G42-478TX?

    pLEASE RATE THE LAPTOP FOR A BUDGET CONSUMER WHO IS MORE ON PORTABLITY AND STUDIES ENGINEERING(so will require designing and other programming features)?
  9. staticsid

    Do you use technology to help you with your studies?

    Digit is looking at getting insights from students who use tech in studies. Reply to this post and tell us in what way you use tech to help with your studies...
  10. Ronnie11

    Laptop with max budget of 40k

    Hey guys.i need your help in selecting a laptop for a friend of mine,he needs one for mba studies..will any dell series come within this price range?
  11. RCuber

    [URGENT]How to stop a Fake Mail from spreading?

    Hello readers, I need help regarding this issue. One of the NGO here in Karnataka is in big problem. A few months back it had conducted a written test for students who cannot afford higher studies, some of the selected candidates would be supported financially for higher studies. This...
  12. constantine

    Does anyone study in DSK international institute of design (pune)?

    Please help me out here i need to find someone who studies in DSK ! i need some clearance on how good the institute is !
  13. damngoodman999

    Does gamer & geeks losses Everything ??

    Hi guys i have experienced that gamers & geeks had the efficient to handle the lonely situation they do not bored by themselves , even in studies the gamers have the better efficient to study "they are better in IQ " BUT ... the gamers & geeks they fail in the "EQ" - efficient...
  14. Pragadheesh

    MS for free in Sweden.?

    hi, i heard that universities in Sweden and Norway are providing higher education for free..!! would ppl doing their higher studies there have good value.? anyone know more details about it.?!
  15. Q

    Going abroad for my college education, need suggestions!

    Hello all, I have almost completed my studies in India and want to go to US for college studies. This is really raising tensions with me. I have talked to some good resources and they have advised me about the admission process there. I need to know more on this and so any kind of help or...
  16. D

    What to eat for late night studies

    Have got a habit of late night studies say till 2-3 pm . So what should be taken to eat at night time ? so that i get good energy and dont feel sleepy . also the food should not harm any metabolic process due to eating at night . thanks !
  17. kumarmohit

    Which is a better display tech?

    Ok Ppl, Which is a better display tech? CSTN or TFT also any links to any comparative studies?
  18. amanjagga

    Study! Study! Study!

    Hi ! i am starting this thread to know ur opinion about studies What r ur views abt study? What do u think what we get after studying? Do u think that only by studies people can be successful in their aims? How will u define today's studies? Is it related to real life? What abt...
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