1. meetdilip


    How can I use Kodi on PC / Android on TV using Chromecast 2 ? I want to stream movies on network through WiFi to TV.
  2. sahil1033

    [Query] Online Radio + Channel on TuneIn Radio

    I want to start an online community radio for my college and have no idea about audio streaming on website. I run this student run website: My UPES and want to stream audio on the website. Along with this, I want to have a channel on TuneIn Radio as well. If anyone can help me out with this, it...
  3. sahil1033

    [Query] Stream audio on website

    I want to stream audio on my website so that I can start an online radio. I even want to open a channel on TuneIn Radio. If anyone can help me with this, it would a great help. Thanks in advance.
  4. T

    How do I Record/ Download a Live Youtube Event?

    What is the best way to record a live Youtube event, because I'm pretty sure it will not be uploaded again once it has been broadcast. 1) Any software to capture the live stream? 2) Not so good alternative: Sit with the stream open adn record a portion of my browser window. If there is a...
  5. K

    Software to Stream Audio Using Airplay from a Windows PC to Airplay Speakers ?

    Hi, is there any software or App which will help me stream Audio, music from my Windows PC via Airplay on a Airplay Speaker ? If yes, can someone please name some of them ? Thanks
  6. R

    youtube Solution

    Hey guys !! My internet Connection Speed is 400 kbps only .. constant 53 kbps download speed .. with that i am easily able to stream 240p videos without buffering on PC with more than enough head room.. i can even stream 360p with only 1 pause in between But in youtube app streaming 240p...
  7. L

    stream my laptop to my hdtv wirelessly

    hey the title says it all i need to stream my laptop to my hdtv wirelessly my laptop is a sony vaio vpceb16fg specs are intel core i3-330m 2.13ghz 4 gb ram ati mobility hd 5650 1gb windows 7 64bit i have a samsung 43" 1080p and a micromax 32" hdtv both do not have built in wifi but...
  8. Desmond

    Raspberry Pi and Android become Steam Machines with Limelight

    Couldn't find the link of the Android app. So, if anyone finds it, please share. Source : Raspberry Pi and Android become Steam Machines with Limelight | CNET UK Raspberry Pi app : Raspberry Pi • View topic - Limelight Pi...
  9. tubelight

    EVE Online Discussion

    So anybody here play EVE? This is their upcoming expansion - EVE Online: Rubicon - EVE Online Rubicon Announcement Stream - YouTube
  10. S

    Is it wise to get a broadband connection if you're planning to shift/relocate in like 6 months?

    I live in a rented accommodation (Delhi) and am playing with the idea of getting a proper broadband connection. Most of my time is spent at the office... like 9AM to 8PM. When I get back home drained and exhausted, sometimes I feel like just watching some videos or maybe stream some music from...
  11. wwwescape

    Wirelessly stream media to televisions...

    Hi, I've got 3 LCD televisions in different rooms at home all of them with USB ports. I also have a PS3 connected to one of the televisions in the living room. I am able to stream all the media from my PC / Laptops via the PS3 to the living room LCD television using Universal Media Server...
  12. D

    Which stream to choose?

    I have passed out Maharashtra Board S. S. C. Exams with 65.60 %. Maths is my weakest subject. I am interested in Computer Science but for that I have to take Science stream which is full of maths. Other option is that I take commerce stream and do BCA afterwards and then MCA. I know BCA value is...
  13. C

    Which stream i shud opt in 11th ?

    Hi i m Chirag from India and currently i m in 10th i m confused about wich stream to choose. :cry: I m interested in Game Development. 8-) I want to know best stream for me from these - :| Science - Commerce(Wid Maths) -Commerce(Widout Maths) Please help me . I think that I...
  14. ©mß

    Which stream to choose?

    Now I am in 10th class. My exams will be next month. Now I want to know which stream should i opt for in 11th class. I want to become a game programmer. I think for it I have to choose Non-Med , but I don't like Chem and Phy. So which stream to opt?
  15. amjath

    Microsoft Windows 8 watch the live stream

    Believe me guys windows RT is awesome and the presenter is doing so good. watch it now it live Microsoft launches Windows 8 today, watch the live stream here - GSMArena Blog
  16. zonejvm

    Accessing USB drive plugged to a ADSL WiFi Router

    Im using a DLINK aDSL modem , its a Wifi router with a usb port behind it which i believe is for connecting USB hard drives and pendrives to be shared over the network. I would like to know how to access the contents of the USB device (after plugging it to the router) through a) an android 4.0...
  17. I

    Stream Processors Vs CUDA

    What are the basic points of difference between CUDA and Stream Processors. Query is being asked in relation to me purchasing a new graphic card. (Suggestions for graphic card for the same can be submitted on the following thread.)...
  18. TheMost

    Stream video to Galaxy NOTE

    Lemme make this simple I tried some softwares but this didn't work ... Is there any way i can stream videos directly from my PC/Lapt to my Galaxy note Via my Wi-Fi without copying it to my Storage ?? :-x Note:Running Custom ROM with Most samsung apps installed ! :lol:
  19. ritvij

    Any B Tech CS guys here??

    is there anyone who is currently pursuing b tech in cs stream from any college???
  20. Nipun

    Science or commerce? do NIIT certificates count??

    hi all. I am in 10th class and I have to choose a stream next year. I planned to do BCA/MCA in future due to my interest in programming. But, some people say that its only if I choose non-medical but some pople said that I can choose commerce too. Please tell me which stream shall I choose...
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