Is it wise to get a broadband connection if you're planning to shift/relocate in like 6 months?

Santa Maria!

I live in a rented accommodation (Delhi) and am playing with the idea of getting a proper broadband connection.
Most of my time is spent at the office... like 9AM to 8PM. When I get back home drained and exhausted, sometimes I feel like just watching some videos or maybe stream some music from an online radio.

Currently I only have my phone's 3G connection (4GB per month) which I use via tethering to browse a few sites or for research when I'm working at night. Of course, 4GB is nothing if you plan to visit stream videos/music.

Would it be wise to get, say, MTNL's nighttime unlimited plan? I also plan to move around 6 months from now. So would that lead to crappy complications if I want to terminate my broadband plan?
Plus I hear they provide you with a mandatory landline phone... can this be avoided?
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