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strange sound from pc

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i have a compaq pc with windows xp installed on it. lately a strange siren like sound has started coming from my pc. sometimes it keeps coming until i restart while sometimes it comes for a few seconds and stops. if i reduce the speaker volume to zero, it reduces but is audible but if i increase the volume it becomes louder. also when it comes is not fixed and whenever it comes the pc sort of hangs for a few seconds. does anyone know what is it?how can the problem be fixed? please help. :cry:


check ur ram for errors by memtest86 if all you can find is nothing the check your smps
and if it is fine too then got your mobo checked and if that one is fine too....replace ur processor and you dont have to check it before replacing coz its on fault for sure.
exceptt for these nothing can make ur pc behave like that


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check the mobo manual. it gives the details for different kinda beeps u hear.

thx darklord for this info.


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well bud..open ur cabinate and see if the sound is comin fm inside or its just ur speakers .....chk the cables....ur proccy fan..and see if any wire is in contact w fan.....


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There's a big difference between a siren and a beeping sound.

If it's beeping, tighten all your components to the motherboard (RAM, CPU, drive cables, etc.). Though a loose CPU or RAM chip would almost always give you a blue screen, it might be a loose HDD cable, so check both ends (on the MoBo and also to the HDD).

If it's a siren sound and it decreases when you lower the speaker volume, and increases when you increase it, it could be a software sound. Check to make sure that system speaker is unchecked in the advanced volume properties. Have you installed any software, anti-virus or anti-spyware? Perhaps it is a warning tone from such software.

Specify exactly what sound it is (beeping or siren) and if it's a beeping, count the beeps (2 long beeps, or 1 looooong beep, or 3 short beeps, etc.) and post here.



Yeah...I agree with saroman.....the source of the sound should be checked. IF it's from the mobo speaker(system speaker) It cld be a mobo error. In this case, jus check if everything's plugged on fine and if any jumper settings have been changed. You might also want to try resetting ur CMOS to defaults, in case any changes made don't match your configuration. If it's from the multimedia speakers, it might be a virus. I think antivirus software like Avast! make siren sounds if they detect anything.....Also some mobo's give out siren sounds if the CPU's overheating....u might want to check that too.


Softwares might give warning beeps but not constant irritating sounds. This has to be definately a hardware problem.
on the other hand i thought hardware sounds or alerts were made by the in-built mobo speaker?!!

I think this guy needs to give more details on this problem.


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there is a heating problem

due to excess temp there is a siren in the pc speaker

go to bios

go to pc health status

check the minimum temp for warning

if its low increase it or disable it

post here


Ok now that you say. thats right there is a problem regarding heating in this processor. There is a utility you will find that monitors temps. this could be beeping as you are reaching the threshold levels.

Better install another fan + download xp (service pack2) see if temps are rectified.

But doesn't a message automatically pop up telling you the pc is over heating, this comes with the intel mobo utilites.
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