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Strange PC woes

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well i face a strange kind of problem with my PC....
the configuration is AMD athlon 1800+ with 384mb RAM and a 128mb (XFX) GeforceFX 5200 graphics card on a Gigabyte motherboard(4x AGP) running windowsXP(sp2) media center edition....
the problem is that a lot of times my PC shuts down with a blue screen saying "Your computer being is shut down to prevent damage to it........"
and then there is some technical info like 0x0000030(Blah..blah..blah)
also another thing is when i am playing games, the games terminate in the middle giving the error report saying the program has encountered some problem and needs to shut down..
i have reinstalled windows with different versions of windows xp atleast a hundred times and each time its the same thing....

please help me ......I am really FRUSTRATED with this.....

When asking for hardware help, it always helps if you can include your full system config (including addon cards etc) if any.

Start by removing addon PCI cards one by one and testing for stability. Next remove additional HDs, CD/DVDROM drives. Keep doing this until you have the minimum hardware to boot your PC into windows.

Next reinstall Windows (backup data, clean format) and check for stability.

Try replacing RAM, AGP card, etc. until you can put your finger on the problem.



Cyborg Agent
Random crashes can sometimes be quite difficult to diagnose. In addition to Keith's suggestions, see if you have an accumulation of dust in between the fins of your CPU heatsink. If the heatsink is choked with dust, it can cause overheating.

You can start by blowing in between the fins with your mouth, or use a hair dryer. Take care not to overheat it and let it cool down before you turn the computer on again. Removing the fan and brushing the fins will be even better.

Another possibility is that your PSU may be dying. You can try substituting it. Next on the list would be the memory.


Broken In


first remove the different combinations of RAM u hav installed. install any one of them. i think u hav 256 + 128, remove 128 mb ram first. see if ur problem gets solved

secondly try changing the cables. if it doesn't solve ur problem then go for formatting.

remove all pci cards first. let the agp be there. if you hav a combo drive & cd-rom / dvd-rom ( 2 drives) & they are connected to a single cable change it. i.e make the ROM drive slave & connect to primary IDE. Make the COMBO/WRITER/DVD-WRITER as master & connect that drive to secondary IDE. take backup in a different HDD or where ever & remove partitions & create new ones with different size than before & perform full format & install windows. If u are installing windows xp sp2 then no need of security updates. if it is sp1 / sp1a install AUTOPATCHER aug2004 & mar05 from digit dvd.


pedal to metal
some very good suggestions here..
just wanted to add that upgrade all your device drivers specially ur sound and graphics drivers...which shud help in ur second prob too...

i think ur sys is probably suffering from illegal or unwanted resource interrupts and thats why this problem...make sure that you install all the drivers after first uninstalling them all and then reinstalling them from the scratch....

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