1. V

    ODBC problem

    whenever i'm trying to run ODBC in my PC with Windows 7, it is displaying ODBC administrator has stopped working.kindly help me.
  2. D

    Is BSNL EVDO service stopped?

    I am not getting any network here in Kolkata. So i inquired their office they said EVDO service stopped from 31.03.2016. Also there website shows it. Is this service permanently stopped?
  3. BakBob

    [Query] CoolerMaster Keyboard Backlight not working

    I bought a CMStorm Rapid-i about 6 months ago, and the some of the LEDs have stopped working. Where should I get these fixed? I'm pretty sure they're still under warranty.
  4. jackal_79

    In Ear Headphone With Mic For Android

    Hi, Iam looking for a good in-ear headphone with Mic for using with my G2. I am using phillips SHE7005 which suddenly stopped working on the right headphone. My budget is maximum of 1000 /- Should i go for my old model SHE7005 or are there any better ones from Philips in my budget range or...
  5. A

    freeware to download youtube videos on windows 8

    please help.megatube stopped working-was good
  6. GamerSlayer

    Random Freezes along with 'Display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered'

    I got hold of CoD AW and Far Cry 4 recently and I am enjoying them. But after 1 mission in CoD AW and after finishing the prologue and the first mission in Far Cry 4, the game randomly freezes after some time and mostly stating this reason 'Display driver stopped responding and has successfully...
  7. Moy

    [Query] Corsair service center in kolkata?

    Hi, I am from kolkata. My 2 years old PSU 'Corsair VS450' has stopped working this afternoon (I still can't believe corsair psu stopped within 2 years). I want to know.... i. Service center address of corsair in 'KOLKATA'? ii. What is the procedure? iii. How much time it takes to...
  8. Pasapa

    Amd driver stopped working and has recovered.

    So, for a few days i have been getting this error when im using Chrome. The screen blacks out and i get a message that the amd driver has stopped working and has recovered. I am also experiencing random BSOD's when i close Chrome and exit some games like Bf4, AC4 etc. This is annoying ...
  9. A

    psu for gamin gpc under rs.5000

    looking for psu under rs.5000. my existing one is cm thunder. it stopped working after a power outage.
  10. R

    Need help !

    Hello everyone, From a few days, Local Disk X is appearing in My Computer.Is it a virus? Im using avast free anti-virus software and I run a system scan every week. And i think at the same time my modem+router stopped working and i just applied for a RMA. And im sorry if i am posting...
  11. Harsh Pranami

    Catalyst control centre: Host application has stopped working

    Just after booting into win 8 I'm getting this error "Catalyst control centre: Host application has stopped working windows is collecting more information about the problem". I think this has got to do something with win 8 since I didn't get any such errors in win 7. This only began after I...
  12. G

    Xperia Neo V wifi stopped working

    Hi, i've had my neo v for almost two years now without too many problems,but yesterday it stopped detecting my home WIFI network....It detects other networks but i'am not sure if it will connect with them as those networks are password protected...i'am really confused as to why it just...
  13. evil_maverick

    ASUS Service......out of this world (PUN)

    ...My Asus RT-N1-3U-B1....purchased in May 2013..suddenly stopped working a few days back.. went to the local Asus service....they took the router and asked me to call after a week....i did..they told me to come and pick it up... but alas!! i go there and they give me a old looking...
  14. chandan3

    Splinter cell conviction

    Hi guys ple help me i hv waste 4 days in this game.when i clicked to the game,the errors shows ,game has stopped working,same problem in i m alive,n both r orginal.i bought this game.
  15. T

    Sound stopped working in Windows 8 Pro x86

    Sound suddenly stopped working in my windows 8 pro 32-bit. hardware is fine as i have checked it in ubuntu. neither headphone nor speaker is working. have installed drivers from manufacturer website (dell), problem persists. to my surprise , it still doesnt work even after I did a fresh...
  16. samudragupta

    can i use the laptop if fan has stopped working

    hi friends my hp dv 6165tx's fan has stopped working. the onsite engineer will visit on monday. however in the mean time i was wondering if i use the laptop for watching some movies is it ok. i will be using it directly under the air conditioner and also have a coolpad. i have a 2 year warranty...
  17. kARTechnology


    need your help, very urgent My laptop is VAIO VGN-CS17G and now it's supplied power supply brick stopped working(got smell and no power) I already mailed sony India but have no hope that they will reply please help me this is what i sent them my vaio's included AC adapter(vgp-ac19v26)...
  18. blademast3r

    Horrible issue with ALL airtel broadband connections (must read if you want to apply for Airtel)

    This is a very serious issue that ALL Airtel broadband users will face that will make their broadband useless. Here is the issue. When the usage of bandwidth goes below 80% they will start spamming you with "Airtel Smartbytes" which is some stupid on demand bandwidth increase service where you...
  19. Rahul Kavlekar

    CMOS batteries repeatedly going bad

    My PC components are :- SEASONIC S12 520 PSU amd sempron 145 (2nd core unclocked and overclocked to 3.2ghz) (amd athlon x2 4450e) seagate 40 gb and western digital 320 gb harddisk msi 760 gm p33 motherboard Almost a year ago my CMOS battery stopped working.So after some months I replaced...
  20. ithehappy

    Can I buy Windows 8 for Rs.1999?

    Can I? Am not using an 'official' version, so was wondering. I went till the order step in their website, then stopped. Thanks in advance.
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