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  1. yomanabhi

    Help Plz Help!! my games is stop working in middle of playing.

    Hey guys Help me whenever i play games like Far cry 2, GTA 4,Crysis warhead. They start well but after nearly half-hour. these games hang. I have to end task by task manager, or sometimes message appear in window 7 "This program is stop responding Check for solution or close this program" Or...
  2. paroh

    Internet Censorship!

    NEWS In the United States, a new law proposal called The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) was introduced last week, and there will be a hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee this Thursday. If passed, this law will allow the government, under the command of...
  3. C

    svchost.exe problem

    whenever I boot my win XP + sp2 system, svchost.exe process ran by network service keeps on running and take 100% cpu usage. If I stop the process the system restarts. how to stop it.
  4. max_demon

    When Live Webcast goes Wrong :D

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et_MmlTxMXA&feature=player_embedded see this , cant stop rofloing
  5. topgear

    Microsoft Hotfixes Windows 7 Memory Leak

    A recent BSoD problem has appeared involving a memory leak associated with Windows 7's Power Manager. Consumers using Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 may experience a sudden crash of the operating system for no apparent reason. The system failure is accompanied by the infamous "Blue...
  6. N

    How to Ban torrent and certain sites??

    I wanted to know if there is any way to ban torrent from downloading on my PC. Especially utorrent by blocking ports or something?? Is there anyway to prevent torrent from downloading?? I mean I want to stop someone else who also works on my PC from using torrents. Also anyway to block...
  7. windchimes

    Thackeray taking on Sachin.

    http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/shiv_sena_to_sachin_stick_to_sports.php I am fuming with anger.. Some one should stop these Thackeray's else Maharashtra will ripped into 10000 pieces

    Help: To identify Keylogger

    Somebody cracked the admin passwords in our college computer lab and installed keyloggers. Is there any way to detect keyloggers and stop recording..........
  9. krishnandu.sarkar

    Help With Excel 2007

    Hi frndz........When I type 2/14 in any cell it gets automatically converted to 14-Feb. What shud I do to stop this??? No Auto-Formatting pop up is coming from which I may revert the change. I also tried to stop auto-formatting. But no results. Pls help. I need to submit ths excel document to...
  10. desiibond

    Stop recommending 7750BE for overclockers

    Just for your info guys. AMD Athlon II X2 250 is now widely available in the market for 5k-5.5k. Stop recommending 7750BE for overclockers now. X2 250 is based on 45nm fabrication and runs much cooler and faster than 7750BE. Thanks to the 45nm fab, it overclocks much more (stock speed at...
  11. rhitwick

    A Govt. of India initiative : Grievance Redress Portal

    So, anyone informed about it?? http://www.pgportal.gov.in/index.html Well thats the site for it. Now stop shouting and start DOing.
  12. amitabhishek

    10 reasons why South Mumbai didn't vote

    I found this hilarious...couldn't stop loling...thought to share. http://election.rediff.com/report/2009/may/05/loksabhapoll-joke-ten-reasons-why-south-mumbai-did-not-vote.htm
  13. Y

    How to stop annoying calls from vodafone

    How to stop annoying calls from vodafone.i am a vodafone user and get adds calls for caller tunes,ringtones etc.it's very annoying to recieve those recorded calls specially when one is doing some important work.
  14. Amir.php

    Thread visiting counter is not active!!!

    From many of the days i am observing that: Thread visiting counter in Tutorial section has been desabled. Many of the thread have been stop on the same number. My thread counter is also stoped at 3061 from 2-3 months. From that time there many new posts in this thread. One more thread of...
  15. shaunak

    How does one get spam SMS's to stop?

    I keep receiving spam SMSes from some guy trying to sell slim sauna belts and other junk. Any idea how I can get it to stop? Can I complaint to some authority? The SMSes arrive from the number: 9918005540 This obviously has to be a VOIP switch. Any idea who hosts this? I could try...
  16. L

    Stop Error With Blue Background Plz Help

    While Installing Windows Xp Sp3 From Boot Cd A Stop Error Is Showing With Blue Background And The Error Is "irql_not_less_or_equal" And Technical Information Is "***stop: 0x0000000a (0x015187da, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x80815e8c" And Out Of 4 Hooks Of A Processor Fan, One Hook Has Broken I...
  17. Thom_Yorke

    How much more should lose????/

    Fello Hellassss!!! Two years ago I weighed 98 kgs and my height was 5'9.... Through a better eating habit and bit of excersise now I weigh 77 kg and my height is also 5' 11"..... My BMI has also reduced from 32.5(obese) to 24.32(normal) and waist from 37.5 inches to 33 inch as of now...
  18. G

    I am getting spam from my email

    I am getting spam from my email address. When I click on show detail I get Message Send From gmail and and in account name their is my email address from which it was send. I have changed my password two times how can I stop it.
  19. T

    need help for software

    hi i am facing a new problem these my younger brother is accessing many vulgur sites these day and i know it by checking it in internet history but i dont know how can i stop these sites in my computer can any one plz tell me about any site blocking software which monitor and block porn sites...
  20. bravo007

    Best Linux OS ???

    :oHello Friends!!!:o I am Win XP Professional SP2 user. But willing to switch to Linux. Reason is I’m fed up with the Stop Error (Blue Screen). PC getting restarted suddenly. I tried a lot to solve the problem but couldn’t succeed.:mad::mad: So willing to switch to Linux. Can you plz tell me...
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