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Thread visiting counter is not active!!!

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From many of the days i am observing that:
Thread visiting counter in Tutorial section has been desabled.
Many of the thread have been stop on the same number.
My thread counter is also stoped at 3061 from 2-3 months. From that time there many new posts in this thread.
One more thread of iMave is stop on 0 from many weeks. I have visited in this thread and i think many others also.
Anyone else observe it?


Broken In
ME TO..But I think if you reply in a particular post for long time the meter does not count but various posts that counts.


Democracy is a myth
Now the view counter only increases if someone posts in it.
By default for a new thread post=0, view=1.
One new post (irrespective of how many times that thread was viewed) will increase the view counter by 1 :)


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But.... Thread visiting counter must be active.
I dont think it is giving any advantage.... It just creating confusion, nothing else.
Another problem every one seeing - attachement are not working.
These things should be solve.
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