1. G

    How to dual-boot Windows 10 Insider preview on ubuntu machine?

    I have dell laptop running ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. (i3, 4gb) Wanna run Win 10 IP too. Can someone list down the steps so that i don't bungle it up.
  2. A

    How to connect Wifi to smart TV??

    Recently i have purchased new Samsung smart tv. how can i connect my tv to wifi ?? how much near wifi range or router should be to TV ? please explain with steps ?
  3. S

    wifi routing

    can anyone tell me a working software for wifi hotspot in windows 8.1 or steps ?!!!!:|:|:|
  4. harshilsharma63

    Hos to share data beween PCs through router

    Hi. Many of my friends ask how to do it and how to play LAN games over router, but I not having any experience, am not able to set up. So please mention the steps or procedure on how to set this up and what are the requirements.
  5. DirectX

    Windows 8.1 Pro WiFi Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm in a great trouble. I have updated my laptop running Genuine Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro last night but but this caused me not to get access to my WiFi from my laptop any more! Each time after connecting to my router it shows Limited or No Internet Access. I have pinged...
  6. U

    Need a Valuable info on Western Digital My Passport 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive (Black)

    Hi techies i just got my Western Digital My Passport 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive (Black) from this is my first purchase in online and this is my first external HD i like to know which steps should follow to check my product having waranty and how to register the product...
  7. anirbandd

    SQL Server 2008 Installation Issue

    Hi all, Recently I had the need to install the above s/w. Its NOT the R2 version, just 2008. ANyway, before installing, it gave an warning saying Win 8 had compatibility issues, but i continued. now, during server instance creation, it should show a window like this: however in my...
  8. N

    Connecting Wired Modem/Router to Wireless Router

    I have Teracom wired modem/router supplied by BSNL. I want to connect Belkin wireless router to it. Is it possible and if so what are the steps?
  9. $hadow

    rooting galaxy s3

    Has any one rooted his galaxy s3. I want to root mine but had no idea about it can any one help me out regarding which rom to use and steps regarding root.
  10. A

    WiFi connectivity.. help!!

    Guyz i hv bsnl net connection(512mbps) and my modem mobel is WA3002-g1..... the modem is connected to my desktop via wire. I want to connect my laptop wirelessly to the modem and access net connection via both the desktop and the laptop... can it be done ..and if so can any1 of u pls tell me the...
  11. A

    guide for parsing mdx queries in php

    Hi we got a MS SSAS server and a report portal called cubes installed in office. Now i do know to generate mdx queries but not sure how to connect and what steps need to be performed so that i can use mdx queries in php scripts same as i use normal queries. Some guidance is kindly advisable...
  12. meetdilip

    How to put 3 movies in a DVD

    I have .mkv files (around 700 MB) and I need to burn them to a DVD as in ones we buy. What all software will I need ? And what steps are involved.
  13. S

    Need Help With Bada SDK

    I am not able to install BADA SDK from october DVD. Can anyone tell me the steps to install it..????
  14. TeckKy

    5+ Themes for Windows 7/Vista from transformation packs...

    [UPDATED] 5+ UI Themes for Windows 7/Vista from transformation packs... Themes Created from Transformations Packs, More Themes More Fun, New Themes Added: Android | iOS | WP7 | Zune ++ Wallpapers, Cursors, Sounds(1) NOTEs: Theming steps are within the packs. Needs 7z extractor to...
  15. S

    need help in visual basic 2008

    im new to VB,so can any one tell me,i wanna display image when click on button,could any one tell me how,please be kind enough to explain who steps because im completely new user for VB
  16. Jaskanwar Singh

    Toms Hardware System Builds

    System Builder Marathon, March 2011: $2000 Performance PC : Two Steps Forward
  17. cute.bandar

    Gamepad/joystick for driving games

    I don't know much about this subject. In a keyboard one can only either have full acceleration(press up arrow) or no acceleration(leave arrow). I need a gamepad/joystick so acceleration can be increased in steps. to make things more real. i hope I am clear. suggest something within 1k please...
  18. T

    how to uninstall my web search tool

    Hi, How to uninstall my web search tool from browsers.Can anyone explain me the steps in detail.
  19. G

    Can you tell me the correct steps to take while istalling Jollicloud on my PC.

    Can you tell me what all should i do while installing and after i install it can i remove it. I have a 1 TB Hadrdisk
  20. I

    UPS backup calculation

    Can anybody help me in finding the backup of a 500VA UPS with 12V, 7 AH battery... and steps for calculating this...
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