1. D

    Dell S2240L With Dish Tv TruHD+ Recorder Compatibility

    I have a Dell S2240L monitor, I want to buy Dish Tv TruHD+ Recorder to watch TV on it. But i am worried about the compatibility. I asked the Dish Tv customer care but they are unable to say if it gonna work or not. Here is the Dish Tv product page which I wanna buy HD Set Top Box with HD...
  2. S

    24inch Monitor/TV

    Need a 24 inch Monitor or TV for my bedroom 1. Budget : 15000INR 2. Display type and size : 24 inch prefer 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor : web browsing on PC, watching Movies on PC, watching TV Series on PC, Playing FIFA on PC and watching football matches on TV 4. Ports...
  3. S

    Need Help. Connect Logitech Z506 to Toshiba 32" LED TV

    Hi all, I have a Toshiba 32" LED TV P2305. It is connected to the Videocon DTH HD STB via HDMI. Following is the pic of input/output panels the TV comes with: Then I have a Videocon D2H HD STB. Following is the pic of the same: And then, I have Logitech Z506. Following is the pic of...
  4. J

    how to connect set top box with PC for live viewing without tv tuner card

    Hi, I have a HD set top box provided by GTPL. It has HDMI as well as AV ports (red-white-yellow ones). My tv is connected with HDMI cable with STB. Now, I want to connect my pc with the available AV ports in STB so that I can watch tv on my pc. I want to know if it is possible without having any...
  5. R

    Dish Recharge Confusion !

    I have a DISH HD STB reciever and a CRT TV. I will update the TV after 3-4 months but now I want to temporarily use with existing TV. I want to know Can I rehcarge a normal SD pack in my HD STB ?
  6. R

    How to Install Dish TV ?

    I have a DISH STB and live in Dubai where service is very limited. Can somebody help me with installation along with materials needed. I have DISH HD STB which I want to connect to my PC. What type of Dish and LNB should I look for in the market. Can I use Existing SD Antenna and LNB ?
  7. GhorMaanas

    To dispose off old STB

    Hello fellows! i have a tata sky sd stb. i had upgraded to its hd+ stb in 2011, and the sd stb is lying packed in its box since then, as initially i had planned to use it with my pc, but that didn't happen. i now want to dispose it off. wanted to know whether it could be sold to anyone, and if...
  8. Y

    connecting logitech z623 to tv

    Hey guys could you please guide me how to connect z623(2.1) to my samsung es5600. On my tv i have 3.5mm jack Red,white and yellow (used with stb) And Pr(red) Pb(blue). So,Guide me how could I do this setup. Thank you.
  9. R

    Will AIRTEL DTH work in DUBAI ???

    Hey guyz need ur expertise in here, Although its illegal and risky, i'll be carrying either a DISH DTH STB or AIRTEL DTH STB with me. I have removed the PCB's from the STB and will re-assemble in UAE. My question is whether AIRTEL DTH works in UAE ? anybody has an experience ? I already...
  10. Cool Buddy

    A cheap television Setup

    I want a cheap television setup. Budget is around 15k. Since the quality of TVs in this range is questionable and I would be using an STB anyways, I was thinking of buying Dell S2240L. I will pair this with a HD STB using HDMI and connect a stereo or 2.1 speaker separately. Is it a good...
  11. E

    DTH Connection for 32" HD LED

    I recently bought a new 32" Panasonic Full HD LED tv for parents. Now I need to get a new DTH connection for the TV and considering Videocon D2H based on reviews. But I am wondering whether to take SD connection or HD connection/ STB box. The thing is only parents are going to watch TV as I am...
  12. M

    Can i buy a set top box from black market ?

    I have 3 tvs and only have 1 stb. when analog signal gets stopped, i will be watching only one tv. Now i got the stb my local cablewala provided. when it starts, it shows on the tv screen a certain frequency is being accessed. Now my question is, if i can get hold of some black market stb and...
  13. Renny

    Need 32" Television within a week

    Budget 25K max. Requirements:- 1. This TV is for my grandparents. Text, numbers etc should be very well visible. 2. Would LED be available at this price, or only LCD? 3. Would there be noticeable picture quality difference between Full HD and HD ready? Will be using SD STB. 4. USB port to...
  14. C

    IN Cable HD STB & Raptor 150GB

    STB @ Rs.2000/- No Shipping & HDD @ Rs.2650/- Shipped Remaining Warranty period: HDD- Till may 2014 Product Condition: HDD- Sealed Location-Mumbai Pics- Image Hosting - Thumbnail and resize your photos and images
  15. patkim

    LCD TV - Beeps

    My Set Top Box is connected to LCD TV on AV in port. Every time I change the channel on STB, while the new channel is displayed, the TV gives a few beeps. I showed it to the DTH provider and with his troubleshooting activities, he concluded that it’s a problem with TV and not with STB. I...
  16. khmadhu

    Poll: What more features required for a STB(set top box)

    Hi.. I am just doing a survey on STB. leaving recording and USB connectivity features.. please comment/suggest new features that can be introduced in STB. please vote. if you choose others please comment...
  17. desiibond

    Sports, telugu channels and English movies only. Which DTH is better one

    I got an offer from Airtel. Since I am postpaid customer, I get 15% discount on new connection. if I pick South pack worth 1750 bucks, I get 138 channels + 250 bucks discount + 3 month free subscription. Do you guys think it's worth to get onboard. Currently, am having local cable + STB and...
  18. P

    how to connect dishTV stb to laptop with TVtuner card

    hi guys i have a hp pavilion dv4 1257tx laptop with inbuilt hybrid TV tuner card i want to connect my dishtv STB to my laptop so that i can watch it on laptop and also control volume and channel from laptop itself no use of STB remote as it is placed somewhere else in the room. i cannot shift...
  19. nitansh

    The Review of RELIANCE BIG TV

    Big TV was installed a week back in my home. So, I am sharing my experience of using it through this forum. I would try to compare with tata sky(as it is installed in my friend's house) wherever possible. INSTALLATION: On sunday, two persons came at my house at around 9:50 a.m.. First they saw...
  20. bbalegere

    Which STB for free channels?

    I found this link * Here I found that TV9 Kannada is a free channel from INSAT 2E I desperately want to watch TV9 Kannada. I checked INSAT 2E at * and I found that TV9 was actually a free to air signal. To get these free to air...
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