24inch Monitor/TV


Broken In
Need a 24 inch Monitor or TV for my bedroom

1. Budget : 15000INR

2. Display type and size : 24 inch prefer

3. Primary use of Tv/monitor : web browsing on PC, watching Movies on PC, watching TV Series on PC, Playing FIFA on PC and watching football matches on TV

4. Ports Required : HDMI

5. Preferred choice of brand : PANASONIC, SAMSUNG , SONY etc

6. Any TV/monitor in consideration : Detailed specifications on 24PFL5459/V7 & *videoconworld.com/led-tv/vjw24fh-2f

7. Any other info that you want to share : Currently using AOC 26inch LCD TV connected to STB using AV cables and connected to desktop using HDMI .
As the LCD is not powering on so looking for a replacement.
also will be buying a HD STB for in future for watching matches in HD :lol:.
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