Will AIRTEL DTH work in DUBAI ???


Hey guyz need ur expertise in here,
Although its illegal and risky, i'll be carrying either a DISH DTH STB or AIRTEL DTH STB with me. I have removed the PCB's from the STB and will re-assemble in UAE.

My question is whether AIRTEL DTH works in UAE ? anybody has an experience ?
I already have a AIRTEL STB but need to buy a new DISH STB.

Also only the DISH STB is available ?


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that depends on whether UAE falls into the coverage area of the satellite which broadcasts airtel/dish tv/any dth.
New connection in UAE (DishTV TruHD+)


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You can check the footprints first in your location ? I think you can get Dishtv signal but on minimum 120CM good offset dish ,If have bigger then more good.

Here is footprints Map ss:-


source: NSS-6 - SES.com
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