Need 32" Television within a week


Budget 25K max.


1. This TV is for my grandparents. Text, numbers etc should be very well visible.

2. Would LED be available at this price, or only LCD?

3. Would there be noticeable picture quality difference between Full HD and HD ready? Will be using SD STB.

4. USB port to playback MOST media codecs and containers.

There are the ones I have come across so far:

SD Ones

Full HD Ones

Onide Full HD Model

Any other suggestions?


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For 25K you can go with Sony 32BX350(LCD) or Samsung 32EH4000(LED)

There is no noticeable difference between Full HD and HD ready if screen size is less 40 inch.

You have mentioned you will use this TV for mainly SD viewing then preferably go for Sony they are good at upscaling SD contents.


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^^ For this much distance 40 inch is recommended but 32 inch too will do if you are on budget.
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