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  1. T

    Anyone from R.V.C.E. here ???

    Anyone from R.V.C.E. Bangalore or Arizona State University here??? Would be great to catch up.....cheers !
  2. A

    Tatas drive Nano project to Gujarat.

    Tata Motors have almost finalised at Gujarat for setting up their Nano plant. Source All the best Tata! But, my only concern is HOW THE HELL are we going to manage the traffic, if Nanos become a success!?
  3. shift

    Americans find body of Bigfoot

    Americans find body of Bigfoot SOURCE
  4. Plasma_Snake

    OS Back up

    How can I take single DVD backup of the current state of my OS so that whenever I want I can restore it to its backed up state using the DVD.
  5. C

    Board Exam

    Ok a stupid question, tried ask people but no one knew. So here it is: Is it legal to give board exams (12th) from two different boards? Like from state board and cbse board or any other?? Any idea?
  6. MetalheadGautham

    Which Distro is Right For Me ?

    The title sounds familiar ? Ofcourse it does. Its the most common question asked by the average newbie who wants to try out linux, or sometimes even for the user who wants to migrate from one distro to another. This thread is made so that all such questions can be asked here itself, and so that...
  7. P

    Taxation Deptt's action re shipments into your state ?

    Taxation Deptt's action re shipments into your state ? (It could affect you) Hi all, even though this is my first post, I'm not new to the forum. I've been lurking for quite a long time. My post does not specifically concern computers and technology, but also has an indirect connection with...
  8. Dark Star

    Kerala goess 100% FOSS .

    Kerala is all set to become the first state in the country to completely banish Microsoft and allow only GNU/Linux free software to be used in the mandatory IT test at the state SSLC examinations that half a million students will appear for from next week. Till last year, they could take the...
  9. unni

    Now track Kerala private buses via Internet, SMS

    Source: http://www.thehindu.com/2008/03/31/stories/2008033154100500.htm Also in http://www.newkerala.com/one.php?action=fullnews&id=53556 Not sure whether this has been posted here already.
  10. Maverick340

    The Current State of Orkut

    Please digg if you like it ;)
  11. Dark Star

    Kerala's Schools to Use Only Linux

    Kerala will become the first state in India to completely switch from Microsoft Windows to only GNU/Linux free software to be used in the mandatory IT test at the state SSLC examinations. Until last year, the students could take the test either by using Windows or Linux. From now on, the use of...
  12. Cyrus_the_virus

    Kerala shuts windows, schools to use only Linux

    KOCHI, MARCH 4: Richard M Stallman—global free software guru, VS Achuthanandan’s darling and almost a freewheeling adviser of sorts to the Kerala Government—may now have more reasons to break out into that jig that he abruptly did while being given a somberly reverential welcome in Kerala a few...
  13. tango_cash

    how to protect my p.c when it is in hibernation and i am away???

    hi i put my p.c in hibernate state and then sometimes i am not around. how do i prevent anyone from using it??? i put a password on the login but if i am logged in and i hibernate my p.c and i go away then anyone can start it from hibernate state and use it.so how do i make sure no one is able...
  14. debsuvra

    Digit forum was down for some hours!!

    After posting last night and today noon, I was unable to view the forum from the evening and RSS feed was also not loading. Now the forum is back online (I think from a backup) but it is back on it's state similar to yesterday night :shock: What are you telling guys ? Do you facing the same...
  15. J

    The LED on the monitor glows,but the screen is blank.

    Last night my computer runs well without any problem. But the next morning it suffers a problem which I state in the title. I check the brightness and contrast settings,but nothing happens.
  16. gary4gar

    Am i Under a Attack??

    I think my machine compromised, i have two reasons for it:- my broadband speed have dipped around 512kpbs whereas it was around 1750kpbs there always some activity , i mean my modem lights always keep blinking further more my azureus slows down terrible to around 1kBps & even 500Bps, halts to...
  17. arunks

    Send a electronic item through courier from one city to other, one state to other

    In India if someones wants to send one or more electronic item from one city to other , from one state to other then how can he or she send it. I mean is there any risk in sending it through courier and How is the octroi applicable on it? But someone told me it is illegal to send these items...
  18. phuchungbhutia

    43 day fast continues....

    BE A CONCERN CITIZEN PLEASE !! sikkim-my beautiful sikkim Dear Friends We take pride in being Sikkimese . Sikkim with a polulation of just over five lakhs is known as the most peaceful state of India, our state is gaining popularity these days as the favourite tourist destination with...
  19. devil_me

    Sony Ericsson w200i - The Thump is On

    http://livedeviant.com/cellphones-gadget/sony-ericsson-w200i-the-thump-is-on.html Here is ther review for the above average low budget phone with a state of art music player.:p
  20. pirates1323

    Student kills friend over PlayStation

    Fresno St. student held in PlayStation shooting Police arrest teen suspected of killing 1, hurting 2 in video game dispute Drew Pfeiff, 22, a Fresno State junior from Raleigh, N.C., left, walks Tuesday with a Fresno police officer after he was injured in a shooting in Fresno, Calif...
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