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43 day fast continues....

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Om Ma Ni Pä Me Hum
sikkim-my beautiful sikkim

Dear Friends

We take pride in being Sikkimese . Sikkim with a polulation of just over five lakhs is known as the most peaceful state of India, our state is gaining popularity these days as the favourite tourist destination with many beautiful places to visit. Sikkimese are also friendly and hospitable people.

Over the last few years, our state is being flooded with giant MNCs setting up hydel power projects throughout the length and breadth of our tiny himalayan state causing a lot of heartache for the local people. Till last count, the present government has granted permission for 22 such projects to tap the powers of the mighty Teesta. Each project is bringing in thousands of people to our state in search of livlihood, just imagine the plight of us when all the projects get completed.

No, we are not against the development , only concern for us is that our sentiments be respected . Is it too much to ask for ? The govt has failed to realise this forcing local people to protest against it by going on for a indefinate hungerstrike.......

The members of the Affected Citizens of Teesta are on the eighteenth day of their indefinite hunger strike protesting against the highly destructive hydel power projects in Sikkim, especially in he North and in the Lepcha Reserve of Dzongu.

They have created an informative and interactive blog http://weepingsikkim.blogspot.com/.
Please visit this blog, and post messages, photos, relevant information.

You can also sent email to the Chief Minister of Sikkim at cm-skm@hub.nic.in or fax your concern to him at 91 3592 222245 or 224710 demanding that the government listen to the voices of the people, stop all on going construction and proposals and have a dialogue with the Lepcha community.


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Yeah i saw that news few weeks ago.I think the natural beauty of Sikkim should maintain.Sikkim is very beautiful but some people wants to spoil its beauty.:mad:
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