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Password protected download-possible?

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HI.Is ther any reg tweak or 3rd party utility s/w to password protect any download to my PC? My cousin was surfing the net from my PC in my absense and he opened some unknown attachment, the next thing I know at next startup is the system has been affected with the Win32.Zafi.D worm. I'm using Win XP Pro with SP2 and Firefox 1.0, IE6 and Opera7.


In the zone
Don't allow your brother to access your main account. Instead give him Guest Accout and deny most of the permissions. Like running softwares, opening exe files, zip files and so on.

I guess thts the only way it can be done. But do stay for more replies..



i dont think u can do that

But there is a way to disable downloads in IE6

go to toos-->folder options --->security
at the bottom there is a button--custom level--click it
in the window that comes search for downloads and disable it


Cyborg Agent
If ur brother opened up the file and you have an antivirus installed in ur system (assuming you do since the virus did get reported!) then I think ur problem lies in ur Anti-virus. Most AV supports real time scanning which will stop such things from being executed. As in when you download a file and it happens to contain a virus then either the AV will automatically quarnatine/delete it or popup a message depending on how ur AV is configured. Which AV are u using by the way ?
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