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Problem in startup in WINXP PRO...! Pls. HELP ..!!

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My Dear ALl Friends..!!

I have A Win XP Pro..!!

in my sys start up slow..!!

so i m remove some startup through "MSCONFIG"

But after restart i get all remove startup application ..!! again in start up..!!

i remove again and again but still all application in startup..!!

so may be virus or spy or trojen must be there but

i check all software Norton 2003 with latest update ,

ad-ware with latest update...!!

trojen removal with latest update..!

but no buddy can found any virus,spy or trojen..!!~

so how can i remove my this problem..!!

i can't control my start up..!!

if i remove my start up item in msconfig..!!

again it will there after restart..!!

Help me ..!!



Broken In
in Run Type services.msc

Stop and disable some unwanted services.

If problem continues clean registry and defregment your hard disk.

:wink: :idea:



But my problem is not solve by services..!!

i think some torjen or spy in my system..!!!

but it is just recent to no software is find it..!!

even tho i update all software..!!

any know this how to solve this problem..!!

Dear Thanks Again..!!


my frnd.. can u pls tell wat services crop up on start up .. use the software hijack this and post teh log u get here.. maybe then we can help u in a much better way ( dont worry teh software i mentioned is very less in size


Thanks To ALl Dear Friends..!!

In mY start up

two Startup is SPY or Trojen and it can reset again and again if i remove it..!!


IF i delete this entry again it re created..!!



man just backup ur contents and format the partition n install a new winxp pro sp2
way to go abt it man !!
ull search for the prob for more till n still wont come up with a solution
my tip for this is install a new xp pro sp2
use kasperesky, zone alarm 5 and webroot spysweeper to prevent this prob again in future..
n btw always keep updating these stuff :lol:


Thanks my dear all friends

Dear Sourabh Thanks for ur advice..!!

but dear in my system in winxp Pro i install more then 50 software..!!

and each software have it own setting ..!!

and it's very deficult to re create such envirment..!!

I install this XP pro when it's lounch..!!

so it's better for me to solve my proble ..!!

and by that i can learn some thing..!!

and i will try my level best and wait for solution..!!

Thanks Again.@@


Ambassador of Buzz

- go to safe mode and try deleting the 2 files causing the error and run antivirus scan , if it works in safe mode . pccillin does
- try to restore to a date b4 u got the prob .
- uninstall any latest shareware or freeware which u might have installed , eg kaaza , e-donkey , any cracks u downloaded
- take ur hdd and scan it at a friends computer . since winxp boots directly into windows env , virus gets activated no matter what , in win98 u had option of cleaning some viruses from dos itself

do tell if it works , else we can try someother stuff


Slideshow Bob
If everything else fails, try a repair install of XP. Maybe all files in ur Prefetch folder hv been somehow deleted, causing a long bootup. Repairing ur XP installation will tell th OS to start creating prefetch files again, from scratch.
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