1. B

    Need Stabilizer for Playstation 4

    Hi Guys, Just got a playstation 4 delivered today. Can please anyone help me with a stabilizer for the same, as i have voltage fluctuations in my home. Regards, PV
  2. J

    stabilizer needed specifically for AC even though 7kva stabilizer is attached to the main switch?

    guys o i need stabilizer specifically for1.5ton AC even though 7kva stabilizer is attached to the main switch which serve my whole house? thanks in advance.
  3. Tenida

    Split AC Installation query!!!

    I have bought two split AC for my home (1.5ton 5star & 1Ton 3star) and two vguard VG400 stabilizer. I want to know from the gurus that:- 1) what things I should look upon when the Service technician install the air-conditioner. Like I have seen some video mentioning vacuuming and leak...
  4. M

    Which AC among Daikin/OGeneral?

    Budget - max 40k Wish to get among only two brand - Daikin or O General Room size - 17' x 11' x 10' (assuming 1.5T & 3 Star enough). Copper tubing. Better if invertor & stabilizer in built with machine. Wish to buy today. Need urgent suggestion. thanks.
  5. A

    Sharp Ac PHT model

    Hi.. i had two questions.. i finalized on Sharp 1.5 Ton Inverter AH-XP18PHT. Does it work at temperatures like 46 or 48.. have seen ppl commenting that only Hitachi goes till 52 and others 46 or less.. but couldnt find much on the websites? My friend got it for 42000 with stabilizer...
  6. S

    New UPS or Voltage Stabilizer

    Hi Guys, I am facing a problem regarding high voltage in my room. One & half years back I was facing low voltage problem :twisted:. I had posted the problem here. For that I had done nothing as it occurs sometimes in a week:|. Simply waited for some time. After few months my UPS started dying...
  7. bajaj151

    Stablizer for 1.5T Split AC ??

    Hello 1) I am planning to buy stabilizer for my 3 split AC (1.5T each) details of each is mentioned below : a) LG LSA5NR3F b) Samsung AS18FADTL c) Videocon VST5233 2) Could you please guide what stabilizer shall I buy for each AC, voltage fluctuates between 170 to 270V at my home.
  8. K

    Advice needed on voltage stabilizer for APC UPS

    thread closed
  9. shreeux

    UPS or Stabilizer for LED TV?

    Hi Guys, Just bought a Sony KDL-32W670A LED TV, need to buy a stabilizer, was wondering if I could just buy a UPS instead of a Stabilizer as the price is same and I can use it as a backup .. when power goes off.. But is a UPS as good as a stabilizer ?? Is it a good move ? Need your...
  10. nac

    Problem with new AC

    Three weeks back we bought Kelvinator 1.5 ton 2 star A/c. It came with "who-knows-the-brand" stabilizer. When they installed, the stabilizer didn't work, so they brought the another one next day and installed (I asked for a branded one, but they brought that unknown local brand and installed...
  11. kARTechnology

    Volatge Stabilizer vs Surge Protector vs UPS. What to buy?

    I have a sony BX300 30" LCD TV and Pioneer VSX-916 AV Receiver and a custom made Powered Subwoofer(just a duplicate design of Pioneer Sub), Airtel HD, will soon get HTPC Now what should I buy? a Volatge Stabilizer or Surge Protector or UPS I have some slight up's and down's in voltages...
  12. C

    Is UPS or stabilizer or spikeguard necessary for Air Conditioner?

    Im gonna buy Windows AC this month so i need to know whether UPS or stabilizer is necessary for Air Conditioner to protect it from lightning & electric fluctuation or not? if yes plz suggest one is stabilizers increases electricity bills? Place - Mumbai AC - 1.5TR CLASS HITACHI SUMMER TM -...
  13. J

    Stabilizer for AC, Fridge

    Hi, How much is the need for stabilizer for Hitach invertor split AC 1.5t and Whirlpool 500L fridge?
  14. K

    Buy point and shoot cam

    Plz suggest a few good cams in the lowest possible prices Requirements-- Support RAW,HD video recording,Image stabilizer i don't mind using hack kits to implement any of the features Budget 6-7k
  15. A

    need suggestion about AC and Voltage Stabilizer

    I need some suggestions about which Split 1.5 Ton AC to go for in the range of 25k-30k. I also need some suggestion about a good voltage stabilizer for this AC.
  16. R

    Computer restarts when voltage fluctuates

    hi people. i have a very big proble, with my computer for past 2 months... it restarts almost more then 5 times in an hour due to voltage fluctuation... i bought a new V guard stabilizer and also iball UPS-600v. yet the problem remains... My system config is Huntkey SMPS - 600V 2*1 TB HD...
  17. Tech.Masti

    need suggestion about inverter

    need inverter and battery to purchase, not sure about brands.... inverter--850/875va battery--185/200ah and if i buy microtek UPS SWE² - 875VA, do i need to purchase extra Stabilizer, or this inverter have inbuilt stabilizer?? if i have to purchase extra stabilizer, then which brand to go...
  18. O

    The Ultimate compact Digital Cam is here!

    Hi Dudes, This is something really gr8,compact cam with DSLR like features,WOW!!!!!!!!!! Canon Powershot G10 Features at a glance: * 14.7 Megapixel CCD sensor * 5x wide-angle (28mm) optical zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer * RAW image recording plus support for Canon...
  19. P

    Image Stabilizer in SE k810i

    Hi guyz, can't i use the Image stabilizer feature of k810i in every scenes i choose. By default i can only use it in "landscape" mode. Can't i also use it in "portrait" mode????plzzzz help
  20. B

    How many here (In India ) don't use any UPS?

    I am just a bit curious to know how many of us folks here don't use any UPS for power back up . Please also mention your reason for not using one along with your location . How many using a CVT / Servo Stabilizer also along with an UPS?
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