need suggestion about inverter


Wise Old Owl
need inverter and battery to purchase, not sure about brands....

and if i buy microtek UPS SWE² - 875VA, do i need to purchase extra Stabilizer, or this inverter have inbuilt stabilizer?? if i have to purchase extra stabilizer, then which brand to go, and how to use both inverter and stabilizer simultaneously ......
because in my area, low voltage is a very big problem, sometimes voltage comes down so low that my Microtek computer UPS 800 double battery automatically goes to battery.....

please share your experience and suggestion.....


Cyborg Agent
Yes, you may need stabilizer as inverter goes to battery mode if voltage goes out its range.

Microtek is not very well known to provide good quality stuff.. although I have 1600 VA UPS from proview and works great.
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