How many here (In India ) don't use any UPS?

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I am just a bit curious to know how many of us folks here don't use any UPS for power back up .

Please also mention your reason for not using one along with your location .

How many using a CVT / Servo Stabilizer also along with an UPS?


Lol its advisdable to use one and especially in India its a must:D:D:D

You dont know when there is a power faliure and then suddenly your system goes off.

I have had bad experience with it. One of my Mobo also went off due to that. And important is you loose all the data aswell if you are online the cookies are lost or deleated.

So better using an power back up. May be UPS or inverter


I do not use any UPS, but then most of time I use laptop and the only desktop in my home is meant to work as the data dump. So it is switched on, data extracted and turned off again!


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i use but of no use cause it is faulty or whatever {got it replaced two times..cant figure out the prob may b with wiring or somthing...anyways} it wont keep my pc running when there is power failure. then i use inverter{microtek sinewave} to power my pc!!!!


It's true Im not confused
in my old p3 pc during 2000-2002 i was'nt using UPS but my hard disk crashed 3 times then i decided for my new pc i will use one..


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I also dont have ups, but for that i lost my 1 hdd, so thinking to buy one this month, is Microtek double battery ups is good enough?


I Also use APC USP .7 years old and still running :)
though its battery have been changed by me once .
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