1. swatkat

    SpyBot SnD 1.4 released!

    Finally, SpyBot SnD 1.4 is out. SpyBot has been one of the best and popular AntiSpyware. Now, it has got better! Get it here.
  2. N


    I have Win XP SP2 installed. With Avast 4.6, Spybot S&D , Spyware Blaster installed. I have been getting messages popping up (now on a constant basis) warning of avast "a DCOM attack exploit at various IP adresses" I run Spybot and perform test. Everytime it scans , DCom Exploit threat...
  3. N

    CoolWWWSearch.SmartSearch Problem.

    i have Windows Xp Home Ed. will all recent updates and patches. There is a prob. with my PC as no version of Norton runs on it. I think it is a virus and Spybot finds a problem named CoolWWWSearch.SmartSearch Redirected host www.symantec.com= --...
  4. club_pranay

    MS apyware, norton2004, Spybot S&D failing

    i have winXP with Sp2 + all etc etc softwares.. for security i have SP2, Norton2004 Pro, Spybot S&D, Lavasoft Adware, MS Antispyware with all updates, and always find my computer clean. almost daily i do full system scan with all these things but still i have popups all over my page(i have...
  5. D

    Problem with Spybot 1.4 RC2

    When I try to update Spybot 1.4, I get an error that says 'bad checksum'. Also Tea-timer causes an error during startup and refuses to load. Spybot 1.3 worked perfectly well on my PC.
  6. Maverick340

    Spyware Creeps!

    I dunno but frm somewhere Loads of spywhere and Search bars have insatlled on my PC ...I ran Spybot and Ad-aware but they cudnt erase those specific ones...What do i do?
  7. arcticflare

    msn antispyware better than spybot???

    Is MSN Antispyware beta better than spybot or adaware. i have spybot already is it a good option to get msn asw too.
  8. A

    MS AntiSpyware vs Ad-Aware vs SpyBot

    Here is a comparison of the new MS Antispyware against the two most established players in the market. *www.flexbeta.net/main/articles.php?action=show&id=84
  9. lahratla

    Problem with Uninstalling

    I've a 2-years-old PC based on 667MHz Cyrix III with 256 MB SDRAM using WinXP. I used Spybot S&D and Sytem Mechanic 4 Professional. When I tried to uninstall some programs, a pop-up instruction of Spybot S&D's Resident Tea Timer appeared and after that uniwise.exe could not be found. I could not...
  10. P

    Of SPYWARE an their "REMOVAL"--HELP

    I have a unique problem(as far as I can think it is). I know this is going to be a bit lengthy but please be a little patient and read on and try to help me out. I have WIN XP PRO on my system. I had "SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY " installed. A few days ago I planned to run a routine check but...
  11. S

    Is it SpyWare,Malware or Virus Attack

    Dear friends i'm currently using win2003 with latest updates from microsoft website. yesterday i noticed something very disurbing whenver itried something in run command, or try searching using google or try and enter any text either in word ,notepad it starts typring "x" automatically. on...
  12. Maverick340

    Spywares and Their Fixes.........Spybot and Ad ware aint GOD

    :o I have a spyware(looks like one)called NAUPOINT bar and it pops up evry time IE 6 opens up really bugging me ADWARE and SPYBOT arent helping .... ANY ideas??
  13. P

    HELP!!!!!!!! Spyware?????

    pls help guys whenever i connect to the net, an explorer window automatically opens and goes to the url something like rxbot.info.com/buzz.html and sometimes some adultbrowser2000.something... . also sometimes the ent just stops responding, whatever page i open, the moment i press enter, i get...
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