1. ax3

    Spyware & bot !!!

    hi, which freeware spyware software do u use ??? spybot search & destroy is it good ... thanx
  2. V

    adult pop up problems

    hi guys i have a dell lappy with windoe vista home basic , i went for a few days out of station and for that time i gave my lappy to my friend he uses it for surfing adult sites now got my lappy back when ever i connect to net i get irritating adult pop ups , i firefox spybot search n destroy...
  3. R


    I'm infected! Further Info here, http://www.threatexpert.com/report.aspx?md5=ece368095941a667a78853c88b93166b Have to admit, on my hard disk I've all files ktly.exe wbj.exe and autorun.inf Had them all removed using MalwareBytes' but they've reappeared. Is this worm a relatively...
  4. pr.itdude

    what protection r u using........??

    what computer protection r u using........?? In today's scenario of trojans, worms, viruses, spammers, key loggers etc etc which softwares r u using to protect ur pc......?? and after the news abt pak spammers trying to infect indian pc's with sites like songs.pk, what xtra care will u...
  5. paroh

    free spyware protection with spybot

    free spyware protection with spybot ~snipped~
  6. tkin

    Filehippo not accessible.

    This peculier problem started about a month ago. I can no longer access http://www.filehippo.com from my computer. I have tried all browsers, no luck.I run avast antivirus and spybot search and destroy tea timer full time so no virus problems here.I have flushed my DNS cache several times...
  7. windchimes

    Problems with Yahoo Messenger

    Each time when I login to yaho messenger I get strange offline messages. I have spybot n ccleaner running. But this thing doesnt stop. How can i stop this..??
  8. windchimes

    How to remove these trojans..??

    Hi, I am using BitDefender Free Edition, Adware, and Spybot..Still my machine is infected with Trojan.Vundo.EGL . It is associated with the file fccyaYSM.dll in Windows/System32 What is this stuff..?? My machine is a bit slow..Earlier Spybot detected almost 16 entries under the same name...
  9. mohanty1942

    Registry Backup in Spybot S&D

    Q(1) When we run spybot Search & Destroy for the first time after installation, it prompts for "creating registry backup". If I skip it that time & want that option later - how to get that option anytime after first run ? Q(2) What are the changes actually performed by Spybot S & D during the...
  10. krishnandu.sarkar

    New Virus - INCINERATE

    Hey...........My PC got affected by this new virus named "INCINERATE"................I've tried AVG, McAfee, Avast, Antivir, Nod32, Kaspersky, Spybot, Adware, AVG Spyware..................but none of them could track the virus.................Plz help me....................
  11. int86

    HijackThis log for inspection

    My Pc sometime refuse to shutdown. And sometime it does not start beyond welcome screen. I think this started after installation of Spybot Search & Destroy.
  12. abhijit_reddevil

    My system is infected with spyware!!

    How to remove it? I have Spybot - Search and Destroy. It detects 2search as a spyware in my machine, tells me to remove it, I remove it, but it comes again. :(. Spybot detects the entry in C:\documents and settings\username\local settings\temp\ibho.log. It tells me it is a tracking cookie...
  13. V

    Infected .... :(

    Everytime i restart my computer..a process named IEXPLORE.EXE starts in the background...When i kill this process it restarts again..i have scanned my computer with Avast & Spybot but nothing detected..this process is taking a lot of memory. Please Help.... :)
  14. santu_29

    trojan/adware help..

    The Smitfraud-C.Toolbar888 was found by Spybot and I have used the Smitfraudfix and Spybot to remove it. However it returns after a while. Please help.. :(
  15. ax3

    Backup : Norton & Spybot definations ! ! !

    wanna get backup of these softwares (norton & spybot) definations, how 2 take it ? as i`ll b formatting my XP machine & have fresh installation of XP .......
  16. A

    Run it even after reinstalling Windows

    Hello friends, here a one more trick for you from me. Now I think that section is right. You have installed Ad-Aware Se and Spybot and is regularly updating for more than one month. Suddenly ur windows went kaput. Then u have to reinstall ur windows and all ur Ad-Aware Se and SpyBot lates...
  17. max_demon

    HELP ME !! Spyware/Maleware attack !!

    i keep on getting messages like this and popup window is opeed by itself .iinstalled Spybot S&D and starting removing the maleware can anyone help me in finding the perfect anti spyware Software ?
  18. S

    Best Protection....

    hello, i have been thinking these days about which anti-virus and anti-spyware menu to put on my system AND will be much light on the system. my system is- win XP on P3(567 MHz) and 192 MB RAM. i had the following options and want to choose one of them: 1)avast! + spybot s&d 2)avast! +...
  19. W

    Worse than BSOD. Trojan or Virus. Urgent Help!!

    Cause: Trojan or Virus. Unsure. Most likely contracted from an infected webpage/website. I've never experienced anything like this before. There was no BSOD but this is so severe, I had to turn to the power off and am too scared to switch on computer. Effect: 1. web browser (IE, version ?)...
  20. anandk

    AntiSpywares : The Clones & The Originals.

    adaware, spybot, avg/ewido, winowsdefender/ms antispy/counterspy/giant, spywaredoctor, spysweeper, pestpatrol, are some of the better know anti-spys which most of us know and use. however there are several more which have their own defination sets... ..AND then there are several such more...
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