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  1. D

    My S2 dead? Help needed to revive

    Hello all, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, it was serving me quite well till yesterday. A brief background: I had brought it in 2011, and since than I have rooted it two times but reverted back to stock ROM because the others were draining battery. So, yesterday my friend dropped my S2 on the...
  2. V

    Need help to customize bios splash screen

    Hi every body i am new to this forum . Actually i want to customize my BIOS splash screen but i was not able to do this as i don't know much about how to customize BIOS splash screen . I just saw it on one of my friend laptop . So i decided to change my BIOS splash screen . From past 3 days i...
  3. P

    computer freezing at bios splash screen.

    i was using my computer,copying some files from an external hard disk and after finishing,i switched off my computer.Then after an hour later when i switched it on my computer froze at the splash screen. I again switched on but the same thing happened repeatedly.I ,then, disconnected my hdd and...
  4. ritvij

    very slow bootup + unnecessary hangs + slow splash screen = ???

    my dell xps 15 laptop with following config: i3 380M 2.53 Ghz 4 gb ddr 3 nvidia gt420m 1 gb it remained on for nearly 5 days..(was trying to download mw3 on a 512 Kbps) when i finally put it to sleep and next day resumed it, it took half an hour to show the desktop and hung.. while...
  5. tkin

    The Official Borderlands Thread

    Hey guys, I'm noticing that some of you are playing Borderlands frequently and liking this game as I am, so I'm opening this thread for all borderlands related queries here, post your Character progress, Builds, Screenshots, Videos and keep all borderlands related discussions in this thread...
  6. O

    bricked my laptop with BSD:stuck at bios splash screen

    Hi Freinds, I have an acer 5745 running ubuntu, I tried loading bsd. chose autoformat it formatted the whole disk. but on reboot it is stuck at bios splash screen. It refuses to boot further or even go to the bios set up when i press F2. Any advice to salvage from this situation will be...
  7. J

    Dynamic HTML Splash Screen

    The dynamic animation JavaScript code is fastest and simpliest way to set up a splash screen effect, thanks to this DHTML script! Users will be ab... detail at JavaScriptBank.com - 2.000+ free JavaScript codes Demo: JavaScript Dynamic HTML Splash Screen How to setup Step 1: Place...
  8. Dark Star

    Aurora 'Sparkle' Splash

    Haven't done anything new with Gimp 2.6.. Except reviewing it .. Was thinking of doing something new but was out of ideas and being lazy as always... So I got few tutorials to work upon.. and I did this .. Looks pretty good and I learnt a new thing.. Changing Ps tutorials will be so much easy...
  9. sourav123

    How to Get Back Ubuntu Boot Splash Screen

    Hi, I am using Ubuntu Hardy Heron. I have installed the KDE package from the repository. After this, the boot splash screen is showing the blue Kubuntu logo instead of Ubuntu. Please suggest how I can get back the earlier Ubuntu splash screen without uninstalling KDE.
  10. Dark Star

    Ubuntu Customization Guide v2..

    Ubuntu Customization Guide v2 Changes are part of Nature so as with Technology.. Though this cannot be True for Windows and Mac cause the life cycle of a single Version is too much which is not the case with Linux.. Open Source evolve at very rapid rate and with evolution comes new &...
  11. Dark Star

    Manually setting Grub splash?

    Help me manually setting grub I copied few files from Mac4 lin ver3 but the Startup manager did not set it up though it show the file and let me select but after I select and close the default Ubuntu spalsh again get set up :mad: To experiment I del Ubuntu splash by backing the file now I am not...
  12. H

    Post your mobtop screenshot

    RokR E6: Unbranded & modded firmware, unlocked EDGE & Quad-band, Skin hack, Splash hack, Volume hack, MySwap, Telnet enabled
  13. Dark Star

    Splash Screen .. ? Help

    Hi all, Just downloaded a splash screen,., Its not the Boot Screen its the screen that appear after we enter user name and ass word .I downloaded it frm here now hot to do a replacement http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/My+OSX+Splash?content=61605 Peas Ds
  14. harryneopotter

    Vista uninstall.

    How to un install vista in dual boot with XP. actually my vista is not starting up ... it hans on the loading splash screen. how to uninstall it now ??
  15. anandk

    Windows splash screens from 1.01 to Vista

    Ever since the dawn of the Windows operating system, Microsoft has used Splash Screens as a means of distracting us while the operating system is loading. In addition to their entertainment value, the Windows splash screens typically provide us with some sort of feedback on the progress of the...
  16. aditya.shevade

    GRUB splash screen, 2 of those?

    Hi I installed opensuse 10.2 from the DVD provided with linux for you magazine. Now whenever I restart from windows/suse and the GRUB loads, then the splash screen is a gif file, animated. With penguines mooving all around. It's brilliant. But if I shut windows/suse down and press power...
  17. plsoft

    Grub Problem

    "Kernel Panic-Not syncing:VFS:Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (3,9)" I get this error while booting Mandriva 2006 after trying to change the Grub Splash Image. Please tell me how to revert back to the default splash image, or solve it in other way.
  18. emailaatif786

    Norton Internet Security Splash Screen

    Is there any way to set a splash screen to Norton Internet Security, which will appear automatically during logon, as seen in McAfee Antivirus, Quick Heal Antivirus, etc? Sheikh Aatif
  19. D

    BIOS splash

    hey guys i wanna change the splash screen of my phoenix bios i know that there are many utillities in net to do this and put a custom picture in it . but tell me the easiest way to do this.
  20. deepak.krishnan

    Visual Basic Programming doubts-Help me urgently

    Hello everybody I am a class XI student studying VB. Can any one of you please tell me how to display a splash screen and then start the parent form after the splash screen is gone? Please help me out. I have a project to complete and so please help me out urgently. -Deepak Krishnan
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