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Grub Problem

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"Kernel Panic-Not syncing:VFS:Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (3,9)"

I get this error while booting Mandriva 2006 after trying to change the Grub Splash Image. Please tell me how to revert back to the default splash image, or solve it in other way.


Wise Old Owl
Who told you to change the splash Image in the first place? Don't play with the
Linux System files. It's too dangerous & risky. First understand the Linux O.S properly,
then when you have enough experience & knowledge, you can do what you want.


Commander in Chief
Edit the bootline while booting, and remove the bootsplash show option from the line and hit enter, if you get in, repair your GRUB then.


El mooooo
Looks like you forgot to add initrd line in your boot option. Just add it and everything will be fine. Also, iirc Mandriva uses LILO by-default. Did you choose GRUB over LILO?


Problem solved guys, thnx for helpin'. Nways i have changed the splashimage successfully :)


Wise Old Owl
@Sykora, Mandriva Linux uses LILO as bootloader, not GRUB!! Also it's easy to change the LILO Splash image.
It's stored in the directory '/usr/share/bootsplash/themes/mandriva/images'. Just resize your Image & move it
to mentioned directory. Name it as 'bootsplash-1024x768.jpg', 'bootsplash-1280x1024.jpg', 'bootsplash-800x600.jpg'.
Backup the bootsplash Images first, so you can restore them in case something goes wrong.


@JGuru-Mandriva Linux has an option to use both the bootloaders i.e. LILO or GRUB. I chose GRUB cos it's better lookwise.

Well i changed my Grub splashimage following the instructions given in the DIGIT's Fast Tract to Linux. In case you didn't get the issue, here is how:

1. The image depth has to be 14 colors with maximum 640x480 resolution & in the xpm format.
2. You have to be the root.

1. To convert the image's format & resolution, use the following command:
# convert -depth 8 -colors 14 -resize 640x480 /home/user/pictures/photo.jpg /home/user/pictures/photo.xpm

considering yur image is in jpeg format (change it to the image format u r using) & your image file is in /home/user/pictures directory.

2. Compress the image to 'gz' format: Use the following command
a) If u are working from the directory where the image is saved, do the following:
# gzip photo.xpm
b) If u are working from another directory, do the following:
# gzip /home/user/pictures/photo.xpm

3. Now copy the image to /boot/grub where the splashimage file is located:
# cp /home/user/pictures/photo.xpm.gz /boot/grub

4. The last step is to edit the grub's config file. Open the grub.conf (or menu.lst for mandriva) that's in /boot/grub. Pass the following command:
# kwrite menu.lst
or if you are working from another directory
# kwrite /boot/grub/menu.lst
This will open the grub configuration file in kwrite. Look for the line 'splashimage=' (in case of mandriva there is no = sign) & change the path of the splash screen image from /grub/*.xpm.gz to /grub/photo.xpm.gz (as in our example). The * is the default filename, which is different for different distros.

Now reboot your system to see the change in grub's screen.
Hope i've explained it well enough, n good luck :)


I see right through you.
Yes, I found the instructions, thanks anyway. I don't know what happened to my image, but the result I go was horrible. I'll have to experiment a bit more...
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