1. Raaabo

    3D printing spies

    If you're printing out designs for a prototype on a 3D printer, you could have your ideas or designs stolen. This wired article showcases examples of how people are able to recreate the design that's being printed just by recording the sounds the printer makes! The wonders of the spying world...
  2. G

    Robinson: The Journey by Crytek

    Crytek reveals dino-based VR game Robinson: The Journey. * Not sure if the video and game are related. Can we play it on PC ? A dino game by crytek sounds too good. Crytek reveals VR game Robinson: The Journey - Robinson: The Journey for PC News
  3. A

    LG Optimus L9 P765 Sound issue

    Made a recent purchase of this phone through an online store. While trying to play mp3s, movie files or games, im noticing that the audio levels, even at maximum volume, through the loudspeaker are remarkably low.However, the inbuilt ringtones etc play at perfect volumes. I have looked through...
  4. Skud

    Hard Disk Seems Dead - Any way to revive and recover data?

    Well, the title says it all. My Seagate 2TB Green seems dead. Everything was fine till last night, but today all it is doing is giving some beeps and clicking sounds. The disk is not spinning after the sounds are over and not getting recognized any time even in BIOS. There was no system lock-up...
  5. Bytebolt

    UPS without that irritating BEEP sound

    Hi friends, I want a UPS that can run my home basic config for at least 1/2 hour and doesn't make any of those irritating beep sounds as i have to sleep at night while downloading files in the same room :-D Any recommendations !!! ???
  6. D

    Razer Carcharias issues with noise during bass & treble

    Hi, i just bought razer carcharias. But, after using them for 5 min i found out there is an issue with bass & treble. Rest all of the sounds were good, but when coming to high bass & treble it was bad. For the same sounds i used my samsung ear buds, it was very good and the bass was...
  7. V

    **hp over ears headphones issue**

    Hi Everybody , I purchased HP over ear headphones Connected the output in IPHONE , IPOD , sounds great!!! here is the Headphone PIC Google Image Result for * But Connected to my PC , Sounds not so...
  8. GhorMaanas

    [ALF] Roccat Kave 5.1Ch. Headset : A First-person Perspective Feedback [ALF]

    Hello everyone ! This is the first time am writing a little detailed feedback on anything. hope you like it. and please dont hesitate in pointing out any shortcomings you find in it, so that i could take care of those things for my future write-ups. Thanks to : Sukant MegaMind Special Thanks...
  9. T

    have you heard of a paleo diet plan?!

    sounds weird but my buddies says it is true and that it is reliable and effective, right at this very moment i have been searching about this, but i have not read about the whole stuff thoroughly yet. i really like to know more about this stuff. if you have any information please tell me. thanks!
  10. J

    5.1 Home theatre Problem

    Hello Everyone, I have a problem with my hometheater 5.1. I am Using the onboard sound card its 8 channel supported and the sound mangger m using is Realtek ALC892. I have problem facing with my speaker that is whenever I tries to plays the right speaker using the realtek mager to test...
  11. C

    IEM under 1K

    I have been looking for some guidance regarding getting IEM under 1K but have only come across near unanimous yes for brainwavz M2 and M1 which seem out of reach. I am no audiophile and am only looking for an entry level IEM which sounds good as I am fed up of cheap bundled earphones which I...
  12. S

    Suggestion from HT experts

    Hi, My maximum (max means real max) budget is Rs 60k. Room Size : 12x10 with 2 windows 2 doors My usage : 50% music 50% movies Music Preference : bollywood, hardmetal, rap, instrumental Movies Preference : eng (action, comedy), hindi (all types) Like : Heart thumping tight bass and...
  13. bozx

    //\\ In Ear Headphone Required //\\

    i have to buy a in ear headphone my budget is 1000 > 1200 INR. i already used EP-630 ( doesn't sound good with iPod Nano - very sharp sounds ) other than that also i dont need EP-830. please suggest some thing good with good bass.... :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  14. debsuvra

    Looking for a good Wireless Keyboard

    I'm looking for a good Wireless Keyboard within the budget of Rs. 2500. I have come across with Logitech K340 and it looks and sounds good. Should I go with it? Any suggestions are welcome.
  15. koolbluez

    Home theater for both TV & PC

    I am looking out for a home theatre in the sub-20k range for my TV. Can I use it to listen to my 5 channel AV media in the HT system? IS it possible that I use the HTS for both PC & TV & what should I look for? A vendor has prescribed me the Sony DAV DZ390. It sounded ok. But will it really...
  16. Ashok Verma

    No Sounds In Max Payne Game.... Plz Help...

    Dear friends, i'm facing a problem that when i play this game with the sounds options as "enabled" * the games shows the following error and closes.... i don't understand this problem.... when the sounds are disabled the game runs...
  17. sandeepkochhar

    Compaq Presario V3220 AU Not Booting

    Hi Guys!!! This has really being a long time that I am on Hardware Forum though I was active on Mobile Monsters. So really feeling nice to be back. Coming to the problem I have a Compaq V3220 AU Laptop with AMD Turion 2 Ghz processor,512 MB RAM and Nvdia Geforce Go 6150 Integrated Graphics...
  18. gopz

    Racing Game: Streets of Mumbai

    Does anyone know when this game is going to be released? It sounds pretty interesting, with Indian cars and streets
  19. S

    No Startup Sounds

    :(:(ever Since I Installed Windows Vista Brico Pack, My Xp Startup And Shutdown Sounds Are Not Getting Played. Please Help:(
  20. krazzy

    Windows Startup and Shutdown sounds do not play!

    This always happens after a few days of reinstalling Windows. Initially both the sounds play while starting up or shutting down. But later they stop playing. All the other sounds play perfectly. Recently I've changed the default Windows XP sounds to the Vista sounds given in Vishal Gupta's...
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