1. H2O

    Lenovo ZUK Z1 vs Redmi Note 3

    Sorry to bother you all. But, I have zeroed in on these two phones and I have more or less gone through the majority of pros and cons in both these phones. There are a couple of things which I still am not clear about. So if you guys can clarify that for me, I would be very thankful. Cheers...
  2. C

    Sony xb30ex Jack repair?

    I bought a Sony Xb30ex in early 2013 and It "broke" in early 2014 ,I get sound from only one channel and it's Jack needs to be "twisted" gently to a certain angle to get sound from both Channels. Question: I've a old Samsung earphone(with mic) laying around which has three wires, BLACK...
  3. GhorMaanas

    Steelseries 7H Apple Edition

    Expected Price (Rs): 3000 Item Condition: 5 out of 5 Purchase Date: April 2016 Remaining Warranty Period: None (no invoice)...

    speaker setup for PC with Bluetooth adapter. m10 vs bookshelf

    Hey guys, I'm looking to set up a 2.1 speaker(or 2.0 or sound bar) system for my PC. I have always used headphones and thought its time to change. Budget 10k I'm looking for something with Bluetooth connectivity, so that i can use my phone as well(Oneplus and spotify) i was set on...
  5. Sarang\m/

    Best In Ear Headphones for android

    Hello, I am looking for In Ear Headphones without Mic.My budget is around 2,000-/-. I am looking for the clarity of sound, with reasonable volume levels.
  6. H

    Home Theater System : Budget 30K

    Hi All, I am planning to buy a home theater system. My budget is 30K max. I am looking it to buy for movies and mostly music. The key features I want is something below: Bluetooth - essentially required Miracast Wireless speakers recommended Tallboy I narrowed down to Philips HTB...
  7. S

    Home Theatre buying Guide

    I would need suggestion for buying a good Home theatre of around 20-25 k Range. I had infact finalized Yamaha-196 once, but it wont fit in my stupid panel created in my room. So I had no choice then to go for traditional Home theatre instead of the speaker systems. My requirement is as...
  8. A

    Sennheiser HD 700 Review

    Sennheiser HD 700 - Sennheiser's Queen In 2016 Sennheiser was kind enough to lend me their HD 700 for a home demo. And as you know, I already own the HD 650 (silver drivers) to compare them to. And thankfully, Sennheiser has also agreed to lend me their HD 800 in a few days, for a more...
  9. A

    Dolby Digital Home Theater System Under 20,000

    So I was trying to gift one sound system to me in my bday and still couldnt decide which to go with. Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System Z906 LG DH6320 5.1 Home Theatre System Philips HTD5550/94 Home theatre (Black) My main purpose is watching movies and occasional gaming and I...
  10. nac

    Buzzing noise when using mic

    For the last 2-3 days I hear buzzing noise when using mic. There is no new hardware or software installed lately. Because of the noise, the recording sound is not that good and audible. I googled to find solution but none worked so far. I don't know what caused this problem, I would like to fix...
  11. Cyberghost

    軒轅劍外傳穹之扉(The Gate of Firmament)

    Synopsis: In ancient times long ago, in order to find his beloved missing daughter, the divine Jade Emperor opened the gates of heaven, allowing a direct connection between heaven and earth. This was done, so that worthy mortals could appeal to the Jade Emperor and obtain divine powers, to aid...
  12. K

    Need a new 5.1

    As the title suggests I want a 5.1 system for my pc. Main use would be for playing games and watching movies and (rarely) listening music. I want a powerful one so that when I watch movies, it should be a good experience (sound effects and all). I have an Asus Z97-A motherboard, so I don't need...
  13. A

    Please suggest good 2.1

    Please suggest the best 2.1 speakers with FM and Bluetooth, for under 5k. I want to use it as a home sound system and won't be connecting it to my pc. :) :-D
  14. harshilsharma63

    Need Headphones Under 2k

    Hi guys. I need suggestion for a new headphone. headphone type - over-the-ear, over-the-head headphone. Music I listen - only heavy metal songs. My existing Philips SHP2000's sound starts shattering. Brand preference - Phillips Budget - 2k max I prefer neutral sound profile (no extra bass or...
  15. gagan_kumar

    [URGENT]Need help about dying PSU

    My corsair GS 600 had already started making sound from like past 1.5 year, this sound was noticeable at very quiet environment(its really irritating noise), Just because the PSU was working fine I was ok with it, now I looked into this matter and found out that it was the sound of fan starting...
  16. S

    What Camera to buy for Youtube Tutorial Videos ?

    Hi I need to make regular pro/semi pro videos to start youtube video channel. Usual videos will be lectures means stationary camera position but yes sometime natural moving movements. I have NIKON 3100 (which can record HD videos, have done quite a few) and a tripod. Extra Soft Lights for...
  17. prateek_san

    Soundbar for 42" TV

    Guys, I have a LG 42" TV and planning for a sound bar. The reason for choosing a soundbar is, its compact and no/less wires. I do like 5.1 or 7.1 setups but hate the part of tackling the wires. So my room is size is 10 feet(breadth) and 15 feet(length). After listening to quite a few soundbar...
  18. anirbandd

    Swans d1010mkii bookshelf speakers - reviewed

    Introduction This time when Sagar from Pro Audio Home / Pristine Note contacted me and said that had another product for review, I guessed it was maybe another IEM that they had come up with. Having experienced the overall good quality of their previous line-up of the O16 and C12, I was...
  19. D

    iem within Rs 800

    i generally listen to trance music so can you guys please suggest me an iem within Rs 800 with good bass and sound stage
  20. ithehappy

    Kindly suggest a headphone [7.5-8K]

    Kindly suggest a headphone [12-13K] First of all thanks for unlocking my account, much appreciated. So I bought a Audio Technica M40X headphone few days ago, and I received the product today. I listened to it for half an hour or so, and the sound-stage is really dull for me. I mean the sound...
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