Lenovo ZUK Z1 vs Redmi Note 3


Sorry to bother you all. But, I have zeroed in on these two phones and I have more or less gone through the majority of pros and cons in both these phones. There are a couple of things which I still am not clear about. So if you guys can clarify that for me, I would be very thankful. Cheers.

1. How is the speaker in terms of sound output and sound quality in both Lenovo Zuk Z1 and Redmi Note 3? And, which one is better?

Currently, I have Moto G3. Any idea if it is better or worse than Moto G3?

2. The design and build quality. Have read that both the phones are a bit slippery. Will it be a major issue?



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I've used Redmi Note 3 quite a bit. so can only comment on that part. I expect, very few people here would be having a hands on experience on both of the devices to be able to tell the difference.

Speakers are okayish. not too awesome not too bad. Volume is on the lower side, but the quality is good.
Earphone output is awesome (with Brainwavz Delta).
Build quality is premium level (Its all metal).
The Design is also premium level. Much above what one expects from a 10k product.

Slipperyness may be a problem, It has no patterns or anything you can grip onto except the phone itself. So, this part depends on how large your hands are or if you're ready to get some kind of cover for it.


I would suggest you take lenovo zuke Z1 as one of my friends has just bought it and he is happy with the said phone.

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