1. anirbandd

    Signature Acoustics C-12 Wooden IEM review

    Introduction Its high time India took its stand in the international stage for producing audiophile grade sound products, and Navi Mumbai based Pristine Note [ProAudioHome] is leading the Indian bandwagon with its flagship Signature Acoustics C-12 Wooden IEM. The C-12s have been...
  2. A

    Edifier C2 Distortion in Satellite Sound and Less Bass

    Hi, I bought Edifier C2 in August 2012. They sound great and are a great value for money. However, I am noticing from a while that one of the satellite speakers makes slight noise at times when the music is a played. The distorted sound can best be explained like a vibrating tin foil. Also...
  3. Jags

    Suggest 5.1 Speakers under/around 5k for small room

    Guys, Looking to purchase a 5.1 surround sound for a small room. Budget around Rs5,000. I want to connect this to my LCD. I know if I buy, say, creative inpsire then I will need to buy a connector to connect them to TV. I am ok with this if sound does not get hampered. Any suggestions...
  4. summers

    5.1 Channel Blue-Ray HTS Suggestions..??

    Hi friends, I have a Samsung 43" inch 3D plasma TV and want to purchase a nice HTS for better movie experience, coz the sound quality of TV itself is not upto the mark. My budget is 25,000/- and i shall be buying online if not available with local dealers. I have found Yamaha YHT-196 /...
  5. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    need a good sound system (computer)

    budget - 20k (can add a little more) do i need a sound card ?? i dont have one at the moment.................2.1 is better for i guess
  6. kg11sgbg

    Noise of Fan from PSU

    Recently,my Aerocool PSU (E78-530)has started a whinning noise on its fan,when I start the PC.Though the noise subsides gradually,and eventually everything seems to be running smoothly. The noise comes out from other cabinet Fans,with a low sound and the Aerocool Fan seems to synchronize its...
  7. rst

    loud sound from cabinet

    Recently whenever I start my computer, a loud murmuring sound is generated and after sometimes it disappears. What is the matter? plz help:|
  8. M

    new android phone 10k-13k

    hello i wish to buy a new mobile within the range of 10k-13k atleast 3.7" tchscreen, preferably more than 512 mb ram and dual core processor or a decent one if its single core and 1ghz atleast, front cam will help,good internal storage too. i have shorlisted these currently sola...
  9. M

    PS3 Sound output query!

    Hi guys i have hooked my ps3 to my pc monitor thru hdmi..i want to know how can i get sound output through my 2.1 pc speakers? Thanks and regards, mandar.
  10. H

    Best Headphone? Kave/1500/380

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy new pair of cans, The headphones i sorted are : Plantronics 380 Corsair 1500 Roccat Kave I will be using them for online gaming and for a lot of music listing, so they should sound good too. Also, if you can suggest some more good ones, please do. One more...
  11. KiLL

    Which is the best 5.1 speakers ???

    Hello, I want to get a 5.1 speaker from online.......... my budget is max 4k.... I will use it for gaming.... also if i connect that to my led tv and use hdmi cable,will i get sound???
  12. 5fusion

    SIGNATURE ACOUSTICS C-12 Elements Wooden IEMs review/impressions

    Introduction Really fortunate to be the first early bird to own Signature Acoustics IEM. An in-house production of Pristine Note(Proaudiohome) based in Navi Mumbai,India. Its great to see an Indian brand entering High-End audio. Its always a pleasure to meet Mr Gautam, the owner of the firm...
  13. C

    CPU+mobo for 660gtx budget 20k

    Hello there, I have just got myself a 660gtx. But my PC is too old to handle it. So I think i need an upgrade. Kindly suggest me the options that i have within my budget. I prefer intel processors. Also I want good audio performance so whether onboard sound is good or I should go for a...
  14. P

    Harmon Kardon Soundsticks 3 review

    With soaring prices of high end branded speakers it is really difficult to find something competing in quality yet affordable. Now, while I was window shopping looking at speakers I found these, Harmon/Kardon speakers. They sounded the best in the bunch in store. I have had them set up with...
  15. gameranand

    Corsair Vengeance 1500 Review

    Corsair Vengeance 1500 Review Introduction As we all know that Corsair is a well known company for PSU and RAM but recently they came in gaming business with their Vengeance series of products. I am reviewing Corsair Vengeance 1500 7.1 USB Headphones. As per the name this is a USB headphone so...
  16. E

    Sony XBA-3

    Introduction:- Hello everyone,this is my first post :razz: and I will be doing a basic review of the XBA-3 with the popular Sennheiser IE 8 being my reference. Note that the IE 8 is just for reference purposes and i prefer to have a reference for a review. Reason i choose the IE 8 is I find...
  17. D

    Which speakers on the cheap? for about 5k

    Hi, I need recommendations for speakers, mainly for music. I need crisp, clear sound with minimal distortion even at loud volumes. Is Swan M10 within my budget? Some sites online recommend getting a stereo with detachable speakers that I can connect to the comp as they have better sound than...
  18. H

    sony mw600 vs samsung bhs3000

    please suggest good wireless earphones around Rs.3000... Earphone needed with good sound quality for music and decent mike for calling. also good battery life required..
  19. M

    Lg flatron 29" XD tv headphone jack problem

    I have an Lg flatron 29" XD TV. I has a headphone jack at the side. When i inserted a headphone in that jack i could not hear sound in the headphone properly but now the main problem : When i removed the jack, the left side speakers of my tv stopped giving out sound. The right side speakers are...
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