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I was still trying to decide which phone to buy in the 15-16k range and had almost settled on the Defy + when I came across an quickr ad,which offered the HTC Desire HD at 16k.
Thing was, its not exactly the Desire,its actually the US version of desire, the HTC inspire.The piece was also mentioned to be relatively unused.(good enough for me)

What i wanted to know, was has anyone ever tried anything of this sort? I mean, the price is great, the condition seems to be good.

Or is it just some kind of scam? And do US phones get screwed somehow here?

thanks for any advice


There are a lot of scams on quickr so be careful.
And a new desire HD is available for 18k so what is the use of getting an old one for 16k


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@aroraanant Available at 18k? Where? Its available at saholic for 19k, but the item's out of stock + i don't have access to a credit card , my only hope is if there's a cash on delivery option.
If u know any shop in delhi where its available for 18k plz lemme know

@ankit360: nah, sorry I'm going for an android this time. :)


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I would rather go in for the Defy+

Dont trust the Quikr ad's . They are mostly fake and mostly unused does not give an accurate description
New in better than unused :)


Its available for 19k at letsbuy, if you would have purchased it last week then you could have used the 10% coupon and then it would have costed you only 17k but now you can use the 5% coupon and could get it for 18k

I don't have any idea about local stores selling it at this (or lower than this) price.
So I suggest you to visit some stores and bargain as much as you can.
And you can pay through a debit/atm card if you don't have a credit card
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