1. quicky008

    Software for cloning windows installations

    I want to replace my ageing 80GB HDD with a new 1 TB drive.However i dont wish to install windows from scratch on my new HDD-instead I'd like to make an exact copy of the existing win 7 installation on my 80 GB drive and transfer it to my new HDD so that it starts working right away-I'd be...
  2. Desmond

    [WTF] DRM Chair

    Is DRM going too far? Even a million facepalms are not enough. I sometimes wonder whether the human race even deserves to exist.
  3. guru_urug

    Image Analysis Software

    Hi, I am looking for a free/trial/demo software which can analyse an image and provide an color intensity map or something similar to that. Does anybody know of any such software? Thanks :)
  4. R

    How is seagate backup software?

    Has anyone used the seagate backup software. Pls share how is it as compared to other free backup softwares in terms of speed of backup, reliability etc ....?
  5. M

    PC Config for a TV CHANNEL

    Hi, i'm a Graphic Designer in a TV Channel...they want to buy a new system for Graphics Designing... Plz Suggest a config as according... Software to be used... 1. After Effects CS6 2. Photoshop CS6 3. Maya 2012 4. Premier Pro CS6
  6. z3rO

    The Orange Box Issue

    I had purchased The Orange Box from Flipkart a while ago when it was available for ₹499 there. Today when I tried to activate the product key on Steam, it refused to do so saying that it is a "Duplicate key" :shock: and someone has already activated that key.:-x How can this be possible? I...
  7. ithehappy

    Is there any software to make desktop run on low power mode?

    As the title says.....I keep my PC on for downloading for long time, sometimes for straight three/four days, so I was wondering if there is some software which could make it run on a low power mode just enough for downloading? I find it meaningless to have the desktop at full power just for some...
  8. Jay1234

    system optimisation software ??

    I personally use only ccleaner but there are many system opt software what do u use & why ??!
  9. R

    Cannot print pdf file

    I am trying to print a pdf file which is stored in my PC but it is not showing the print file link: Pls tell through which software can i get its print. The file is attached. SST.pdf download - 2shared
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