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  1. axes2t2

    Samsung Galaxy core 2 - left soft key function.

    Anyone know how to change the function of left soft key on Galaxy Core 2 to open the menu and not the recently used apps?
  2. A

    bios update

    dear friends, i want to update my mobo's bios but i am not expert. recently i installed a software "biosagentplus" it scanned my my pc for latest drivers. it is showing that bios update is available for my pc. can i use this soft to update my bios. is it safe? would this be able to...
  3. D

    Nokia Borwser problem With Nokia Asha 200

    when i updated the Nokia Browser on my phone Nokia Asha200, after successfull updatation, itis showing Conflicting application error and i can not access Nokia Browser. I have tried soft and hard reset both, but the problem remains. The software version in my phoneis V 11.81 Please help!
  4. U

    Soft Reset Help for Canvas2

    Hello...please help me with any option that lets me reset the phone in soft manner. Also my touch screen does not respond so how to cot=rrect it? How to do a 4.1.1. update thru micromax website.
  5. debarshi

    Soft Music, Instrumental And songs during Studies

    I have a habit of listening to soft music and instrumentals during studying, especially mathematics But my playlist is old enough, and getting boring........ Can you guys suggest me some good songs, music or instrumentals which can be listened to during studies........ It'll be a great...
  6. Charley

    Soft Gel TPU silicon case cover for Samsung Ace & Universal Bluetooth Headset

    1. I need soft gel TPU silicon case cover for samsung ace. I searched ebay.com, there are many, but sellers don't accept credit card payments, only paypal 2. I need a universal bluetooth headset to use on samsung ace and nokia c5
  7. A

    using resource hacker

    Hi Can any one tell me how to use resource hacker? After using google for some times, I came across some online tutorials and using them I edited icon and dialogue files of a couple of soft wares (e.g. vlc-2.0.1-win32.exe) After that when i tried installing the soft-wares, It said...
  8. cute.bandar

    Mouse with soft buttons? especially the middle one

    Budget : Rs. 500 Brand preference: logitech. Its products have literally lasted with me for a decade. features required: soft keys, long wire, long life. Time to get a new mouse. I need one with soft keys, especially the middle one. I have noticed that in many cheap mice, the middle...
  9. Bhav

    keyboard for typing

    Which is the best keyboard for typing, should be feather touch and soft, within the price range of Rs.1000/-
  10. J

    how to soft mod a xbox 360?

    Hi everyone. Can anyone point me to a tutorial on soft modding a xbox 360. I want to get a xbox 360 soon, but want to learn in advance, as how to run homebrews on it. I have modded / jailbroken my psp/ ipod/ ps3, but never for xbox 360.I preferably want to learn jtagging a xbox 360...
  11. anvesh

    Not able to sync all contacts- HTC Wildfire, Android 2.2

    Hi, I am not able to sync all of my contacts with GMail. I have 500+ online on Google contacts but my phone syncs only about 120 contacts (Even after soft and hard reset):x Plz help
  12. Prince Sinha

    Fake IP Address

    Hey guys, I know to fake IP Address on web but those software do not fake your IP Address on Multi Player Gaming. I had tried "Hide my Ip" and "Hide your IP". But these do not fake your IP Address, still they can trace you from where you are! Do you know any soft that works on...
  13. NitrousNavneet

    screen capture soft.

    Suggest me a screen capture soft. Which have no need to install.
  14. Gaurav265

    Need soft. For animated movie

    Hi guys,i want to make an small animated movie on my think.so, is any software available for this.i have used autodesk maya and 3ds max but these take more skill to do that. So,any software which is easy to use and i can start without taking any more tutorials.are you undestand what i say.so,if...
  15. saswat23

    TaskBar icon hidding

    I need a soft or a trick to hide icons of uTorrent and IDM from the taskbar permanently. I dont have a broadband connection at my home so i have to visit cafe to download latest songs, vids and softs. Suppose i download UBUNTU O/S, it would take approx 4hrs. So, i want a soft by which i can...
  16. akash22

    64-bit os

    can i use my 32 bit soft in 64 bit os
  17. azzu

    Iphone soft 3.1.3

    hey guys my friend who'z in Australia came to india and unlocked his iphone and waz using indian sim but recently he upgraded his phone software to 3.1.3 now he is not able to use other sims ,, So guys any one here to help how to unlock the mobile ? dunno is it legit to ask , sorry if its not ...
  18. vilas_patil

    Where I can Find KingFisher 2010 Calender

    One of my friend is dying to get KingFisher 2010 Calender (not a soft copy). Does anyone here know about where he can find/purchase KingFisher 2010 Calender? thnx
  19. S

    slim psp permanent modded

    slim psp permanent modded the psp is around 1 year old {bought it from U.S} it has custom firmware 5.00 m33-6 perfectly working console no scratches on the front side the back has some scratches comes with 1. psp soft cover 2. 4 gb card {broken... have put a tape on it.... but works...
  20. TheLetterD

    BIIIIIG Virus prob with Win7

    :sad::idea::shock::shock:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Hi.... I recently installed Win7 ultimate on my pc. 1.A large no of files in system32 folder are infected by viruses:"win32/tantoes.j & win32/heur" last time i deleted them vista crashed <DUHH!!!>And never started again<R.I.P...
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