1. D

    Fedora Core 7:Localhost login?

    I have a compaq 5000 model , configs : 1 Ghz 192 mb ram 810e chipset no graphic card and i newly installed fedora 7 from DIGIT's DVD . after smooth installation . it always takes me to the localhost login .after logging in i don't know what to do to get in gui mode . please help...
  2. satyamy

    Good PC needed..........?

    I want to buy a New Intel PC My Budget is around 25K I need 3.2HT Processor + Intel Motherboard 512MB RAM, 160GB HDD, DVD-RW, Floppy Disk, 17" Flat Monitor (If possible Samsung), Very Good Looking Silver Colour Cabinet, Optical Mouse, Very Very Smooth Multimedia Keyboard & a Small, Simple &...
  3. subratabera

    15 second tweak for better beryl perfomance

    Beryl is the best eye candy in the world, by far. Now get rid of all the jerkyness and make it buttery smooth in 15 seconds. It worked for me on my laptop with intel integrated 945 graphics. It is now smooth as silk. This is an aweseme tweak and takes 15 seconds tops. Source __________ No...

    Oblivion graphics

    I do not care if the PS3 looks the same as the 360, the game looks dman good either way.Looking the same is a good thing in this case 360 PS3 The character faces looks smooth:
  5. pro

    enable winamp smooth playback by buffering

    hi everyone there is a setting of winamp which lets it play files smoothly while changing from one track to another. NO its NOT crossfading, its buffering. on winamp>preferences>plugins>output select waveout and hit "configure" button below now change the "buffer ahead on track change" to...
  6. morpheusv6

    Virtual DVD

    I made a virtual copy of a movie dvd(.daa file) and mounted it using power iso. But while opening the disc via vlc media player I get a lot of multicolored squares on the video display screen of the program and the sound is also intermient(not smooth and continious). The problem also occurs...
  7. go4saket

    Conversion from DV to MPEG2 problem???

    Hi Guys! I had some home shot video which I saved in my computer in DV AVI format at 25 FPS. Later I converted the same to MPEG-2 @ 6000 Bitrate & 25 FPS using CCE SP. The problem is that where the video runs absolutely smooth in AVI DV format, as soon as it is converted, it starts kind of...
  8. singh

    survey for antivirus

    Which one is better McAfee or Norton anti virus (latest version of both). Well i have already used both softwares but norton makes the system slow while McAfee is smooth. but in case if we look at virus checking capabilities norton have far better results.
  9. Kniwor

    AM2 to use DDRII 1066?

    * this will mean increase in performance... seems INTEL is not all that sure to sail smooth with conroe
  10. P

    Internet videos?

    Hi guys, I mostly watch videos from the internet. Last time when i saw a science clip from quicktime, it was so smooth (Like tv) but when i want to watch music videos from aol or real player, it is too slow. It stops time bye time. I heard that we can store the video in a cached so that it...
  11. N

    software to game run fast and smooth

    dudes suggest me some websites from where i can download software to game run fast and smooth.
  12. L

    system reboots abnormally

    i have an airtel dsl connection for which i use a router and a LAN port on my motherboard(not a card). things were smooth for 6-7 months. now when im online for say like an hour or so, the connection abruptly disconnects. when i try to enable it , the system reboots! i dont suspect a trojan or...
  13. V

    NEEd for speed

    guys need help ! i use 2.8 p4 512 ram pc playing nfs u 2 has too slow it used to be smooth in the begining but has become slow now toward the final
  14. J

    Suggest a good motherboard and ram

    I have an MSI Neo(875) motherboard. I plan to upgrade to the latest series 9xx series from intel. Which one should i opt for? The intel original or good ol' MSI?? I have finally decided to get my hands on some ram. I heard that series 9xx supports 533 mhz fsb ram. How much will be adequate...
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