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To Bed and Out!!!

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hey guys wen do u peaple go to sleep and wake up in the morining..post ur timings..gonna be fun..

i sleep at round 2 at night till bout 8-8 30...well my record is however frm 10 at night to 10 in the morn....BEAT THAT..:D..post ur timings..


I Go To bed At 4 Am or Even 5 Some time ,(even i could keep my self awake for more time but by this time my father is out for a walk and prompt me to go to bed)And then wake up early in the morning at 10,
One day(Allmost at 12:30) i was going to out of my computer room towards my bed room ,my mother saw me and said "this is not the the right time to sleep ,you must go to bed before 10pm"
I was stunned by this bcoz Actually i was going to my room to take bath so that i could keep my self wake for long!!!!!!! isn,t that funny


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Varies.... as far as beating the record is concerned, I slept at 11pm and my mom had to wake me up at 12:30pm next day so that I was able to have lunch... :-D


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its seems that no one is hardcore sleeper.
wel wen i was in kota in BANSAL CLASSES preparin for IIT jee, i and almost most of mine friends used to goto bed at 5-6 a.m in the mornin and wake up at 2-3p.m in the evenin. wel one of my friend use to goto bed at 3a.m and used to woke up at 7a.m in the mornin(means he used to sleep only 4hrs) and that why he is in IIT now.
wel my highest record of sleep is 7p.m(one day) to 12.30p.m (next day) and i think that was in kota itself


on normal days - sleep at 2 and wake at 7

my sleep 1-2 AM and wake at 1:30 PM sometimes 2

am i the winner?


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Since I sleep only with girls I don't have fixed time .:))

kidding.......its generally 3 am to 8am(in exam due to syudy, in non-exam due to downloading:) )


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I go to bed between 2 and 6 am, and get up between 10 am and noon.

By the time I get up, my wife has usually left for work. She goes to bed around 8-9 pm. Sometimes she's already up for the day when I go to bed ! On some days, we see each other for only a couple of hours. Maybe that's the reason why our marriage has lasted so long :):)

On a serious note, guys, it's not a good idea to abuse your body by keeping irregular hours for extended periods. I know this both from personal experience and from reading medical journals. Your body may seem to be able to cope with this when you're young, but the effects pile up slowly and your health will start to suffer as you grow older.


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pimpom said:
I On some days, we see each other for only a couple of hours. Maybe that's the reason why our marriage has lasted so long :):)

i usually sleep at 11,but today some project work has to be completed.


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I just don't understand how can you guys sleep only for 6-7 hours or less..... If I get anything less than 8:30-9 then I feel sleepy, even while driving.... Someone please steal my sleep and post me the effects.....
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