1. S

    Call of Duty modern warfare3

    Sir, my sytem is af001-ax.It has 4 gb ram.It is 64bit operating system.Sir i have installed the whole game but it is showing the error that it cannot write a file.So sir what should i do.
  2. sagarsoni

    [URGENT] (IMPORTANT) How to access paid websites like IEEE Xplore for FREE???

    hey frnds i want research papers (thesis) for topic "cache memory" for showing to my sir in my collage from paid websites like i tried to show my sir papers from Google but sir said that i should download them by paying. these websites open for FREE in institutes like NIT...
  3. R

    need advice for buying new motherboard/chipset for intel core2 Quad Q8200 cpu 2.33Ghz

    Sir i would like to buy a new motherboard for my intel core2quad Q8200 cpu of 2.33Ghz..... desirable features for the motherboard:- -usb 3.0 -ddr3 ram (16gb max) -7.1 audio support along with the motherboard i will also be purchasing hd6770 graphic card and Corsair CX430V2 (PSU)...
  4. I

    Need your suggestion

    Hello Friends. :wave: I have to write an essay of approximately 3000 words addressing one of the key stepping stones in the advent of modern computing and exploring the contribution made by those responsible. My initial inclination is towards the World Wide Web and Sir Timothy John "Tim"...
  5. S

    can you guide me sir

    i am a btech passout in IT this year. can u guide me sir. its been 4 months after the btech and have no job. at this stage i know the basics of java,c.. also , can you guide me what a software developer profile person actually does. do i have to be very good at coding , , i am not been able to...
  6. N

    Problems regarding hardware

    hello sir, my motherboard doesn't support high end games like MotoGp2 or 3 etc.. and on starting usally displays a hardware error like ialmnt driver stopped working normally reboot the system.Why is it so sir? my motherboard configuration...
  7. M

    Repeated motherboard failure problem ..somebody quickly help me out.

    Sir I am a Digit subcriber..and I am experiencing a serious problem ... Actually I dont know what is the actual Problem behind the problem which I am pls tell me the reason for the problem and also tell me the measures to control it so that it does not occur any time in future...
  8. crawwww

    the CRICKET channel

    Ok lets start this thread with Sir DON'S blessings
  9. V

    Can i create blog

    Dear sir, This is Vani i just impressed with your site its more helpful to learners. Now i have a doubt i.e. i want put my scientific papers in website, some of my friends told to me bolgger is the right method to put my papers. hence i need your help to learn and create blog. kindly give the...
  10. krates

    Suggest me some good rap songs

    Well i love rap songs my favorite in rapper is eminem Please suggest me some goods Urgently needed (sir pak gaya purane sun kar) thanks krates
  11. B

    Anyone knows hindi typing

    I want to write a one line on Hindi, which was stick on my Pooja Room. "Kripya Apne Jote Chappal Bahar uttare" :D Agar nahi to jote chappal sir pe rah le :lol: Can someone please write this on hindi in good font with big size to fit on A4 Page.
  12. ashfahan

    download blocker

    sir i am using bsnl home 900+ plan. Now i want to change my plan to home 500(night free) to download torrents fast.currently at 20 kbps. sir, Is there any software which blocks unwanted download as the plan provide 2.5 gb download with high speed.any more Mb and it will fine heavy. I...
  13. ashfahan

    partition a used partition

    sir I have 750 gb sata HDD . I have mistakly made c:\ 230 gb. Now i have all softwares install with xp on c:, I want to make another partition of c: without formating c:. please help
  14. iMav

    Sir Richard Branson Claims He and Larry Page are Working Together

    Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson, who hosted Larry Page's storm-tossed nuptials on his Caribbean island, Necker, last year, says that he and the two Google founders are working on a project together. According to a diary item in a British newspaper, the British tycoon and the two search engine...
  15. H

    The Miracle Man (walks again)!!

    * Wow, that's determination, salute you sir :o
  16. aryayush

    Rizwanur Rehman was brutally murdered. Help the poor family get justice!

    He was murdered. He was first assaulted and then ruthlessly pushed in front of an oncoming train. Why? For falling in love and daring to marry a girl, one whose parents were strictly against such a relationship because his social and financial status was much inferior to theirs and because he...
  17. The_Devil_Himself

    Funniest MTNL call centre replies.

    More than 90% people are unsatisfied by the neanderthals MTNL recruit in their call centres.Sometimes their replies are annoying sometines funny and sometimes downright stupid and only rarely good enough. This is what happened last night. The MTNL guy:this is ****** ***** from MTNL how can I...
  18. Arsenal_Gunners

    the FOOTBALL channel

    Ok lets start this thread with Sir EBOUE'S blessings
  19. djmykey

    Restoring boot options

    I have joined MCSE 2003 in an institute and since XP was the first os that we were supposed to learn we had to learn how to install and all that stuff (duh). So whatever why I started this thread is that all the pc's in our institute have 2003 server on them (various versions). So when my sir...
  20. H

    PowerVCR 2 v3.0 crack

    Edit by Deep : No cracks / warez allowed sir :) Please take care from next time...
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