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need advice for buying new motherboard/chipset for intel core2 Quad Q8200 cpu 2.33Ghz


Right off the assembly line
i would like to buy a new motherboard for my intel core2quad Q8200 cpu of 2.33Ghz.....
desirable features for the motherboard:-
-usb 3.0
-ddr3 ram (16gb max)
-7.1 audio support

along with the motherboard i will also be purchasing hd6770 graphic card and Corsair CX430V2 (PSU)...
sir pls suggest me the motherboard for the above requirement.....

p.s. my budget is 2.5k to 4.5k


Cyborg Agent
Fits your requirements.
lga775 is an old socket, so not many mobos left. You will find G41 chipsets (around 2.5k-3k) in the market, rest all are rare.

PS: I had this mobo. Rma'd it and waited for 2 months. None were present in stock so opted for a credit note and upgraded mobo proc.
Same advise to you. Upgrade now while you can dispose the proc.
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