1. S

    Free racing/simulation/flying games for Lenovo 320-15IKB

    Which games in these categories are available for free & can be played with aleast below high graphic settings on Lenovo 320-15IKB with these specifications: Operating System Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 7200U @ 2.50GHz 48 °C Kaby Lake-U/Y 14nm...
  2. S

    First person flying games

    What are the top 1st person flying games available for free on Android/Windows?
  3. S

    Software Tutorial - PV*SOL premium - Map Import and Extrusion Of 3D Objects

    * Free trial versions: PV Software PV*SOL premium | Valentin Software Transskript: This tutorial shows how quickly and easily you can create simple standard buildings and configure a photovoltaic system in PV*SOL premium 2016 without a costly local meeting. In...
  4. S

    The Football Manager thread

    Anyone plays the game Football Manager? Developed by Sports Interactive this is the best ever management simulation game hands down. Playing Football Manager 2014 by the way.
  5. R

    Business simulation games

    I hardly find anyone talking or getting excited about business simulation games. Is there anyone like me who love the games like - Partician series (latest is partician 4) Tropica 4 Anno 2070 (more of city building) Rice of venice (latest game that i got my hands onto) Is there any...
  6. A

    Need a free ebook on CSM(Computer Simulation and Modelling)

    Hey Guys I am getting nervous while studying CSM(Computer Simulation and Modelling). Can u list down the free ebooks or tutorials on CSM. I am particularly troubled with the pdf(probability distribution functions) related sums.
  7. H

    Physicists To Test If Universe Is A Computer Simulation

    Physicists To Test If Universe Is A Computer Simulation
  8. C

    Lenovo Z580 vs Inspiron 15R (new)-Please suggest

    I am confused b/w two laptops lenovo z500 core i7 and The Dell Online Store: Build Your System i need laptop for simulation and mid level gaming. apart from price which one should be preferred. Purchase date 17 march.
  9. prds359

    Top 5 car simulation games?

    Please list your top 5 car simulation / car racing games except NFS. Have played all of nfs, need something else.
  10. Maddd

    Which type of game do you like most?

    You can post here which type of game do you like most. Weather it can be a: FPS first person shooter OR TPS Third person shooter OR RPG role playing game OR RTS Real time stratagy game OR TBS...
  11. V

    OSPF Simulation Tutorial for Beginners (Interactive, Visual)

    OSPF Simulation Tutorial for Beginners (Interactive, Visual) OSPF is a complex protocol. To help beginners grasp abstract its concepts, a different approach is taken -- Visualizing OSPF simulation. This tutorial, OSPF basic, simulates the basic OSPF activities on a simple topology...
  12. ╬Switch╬

    Best simulation software for electronics..

    Hi, Im a second year EXTC engg student. I came across some simulation softwares a few books. After searching for a while on the internet I cant seem to decide which ones the best. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  13. S

    Need help for buying a server....

    I need to run a windows based simulation software for my research work. It takes about 4 hr to complete the simulation on my AMD Athlon 2800+ with 1GB DDR400 RAM running on win xp sp2 platform. I want to complete the above simulation in 1 hr. Pls recommend server(s) for the same. You may notice...
  14. S

    Fighter plane simulation

    Can someone suggest me a fighter jet simulation game with missions n all....something like the tomclancy's hawx
  15. speedyguy

    Simulation Project

    Hi, i hv 2 finish a project on simulation and graphics gaming by end of this week....i hv already run out of time so cudnt finish wat i started.... can ne1 plz help me out wit a game and a simulation project..using c/c++ m more in need of simulation....thanx in adv Enjoy~!
  16. redhat

    Need Sci Calc software for Smartphone

    I own an HTC Touch with WM 6.0. I need a Scientific Calculator on my Phone for my study purposes. I would prefer a free one, I already have Calc98 from Flow Simulation and it is pretty good, but I need more features, like Graphical functions and Differential and Integral Calculus solver. Can...
  17. R

    need your help regarding for buying 2 gadgets

    sir, Actually i am planning to buy a gud efficient effective potable or ultrapotable laptop. i m considering it shd had a gud amount of RAM gud battery backup, should had a gud display or a gud gaming card so that i can play simulation base games like X-plane, FSX etc.... I am doing my CPL and...
  18. T

    asus DRW-2014L1T dvd writer doesnt write dvds

    hey, its been less than 3 hours since i bought this drive, and i updated the firmware to 1.02 as suggested, then used nero to write dvds,i used lastertras,moser baer and verbatim branded dvds to try and write the discs and all of them fail within seconds of me pressing the burn disc button. i...
  19. D

    Simulation games

    Please suggest me a good simulation games except that from EA and maxis
  20. Ihatemyself

    Simulation Games

    Hey guys im plannin to buy some good simulation games my budget is 10k. I love tycoon games, city building, and management games.Please advice me (remember my budget)
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