3d modelling... need help...!!!!


Broken In
how to map one image to another using 3d modelling???? need assistance......
which s\w shud I use.... which is the best?????...


Sith Lord
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cant understand this
what do you mean by map one image to another?
you wanna take one image and make a bunch of maps with it, like a bump map and a mask to use in a model, then pixlr (cloud, no need to install anything) will do just fine if you dont have gimp or photoshop
or do you just want to put an image on a 3d model? then there are many you can do this easily on, one such is Bryce 3D, (good for those just starting out as well) just import the file, and open up the materials library, then choose a bitmap as easy as that
or you wanna take an image and morph it to another image, that does not require 3d really
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