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Need PSU for my pc.


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Configuration :
Intel C2D E4500
2GB ddr2 ram
WD 250GB 5400RPM Hd
Asus 5750 formula OCd 800 MHz

I need a gud PSU @ around 3-4k
Shud a 450w suffice?
Shrtlstd corsair vx450.Any other suggestions?


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yeah, get the best possible SMPS in your budget. +1 for tenida's suggestion.


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Corsair VX550 and and VX450 are Eoled - so you can't get those unless someone have some old stock.

For your config with the gfx card even a Corsair CX430v2@ ~2.3k will be more than enough but if you have plans for future upgrades you can consider getting a Corsair GS600 @ ~4k.


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thnks guys.luk lik i shud go for corsair gs600.
but i have a query.

i also have a dvd writer.my pc supprt guys brought a new zebrncs psu but they say that new psu s dont have enough connectors.

they say that aftr connctn to gfx card n all, it.doesnt have connctr for DVD DRIVE!

is this true?i usually fix my pc myself only 4 rare cses i call the guys.they know no ****.just reglr prblms.
they know nothing abt CORSAIR AND CM!
but i hav u guys.help!


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if budget doesn't matter then a GS600 and if it does then a CX430 is a solid PSU and it is 80+ certified :)


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good psu have adequate & more than enough no of connectors don't worry G600 will be future proof if op wants to cfx in future


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Thanks guys.

My GS600 is on way from MUMBAI to my home.
Shall update with pics upon arrival.

I have a PROBLEM with my JAVA Project.Help me guys.Its there in "Progmg".


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your gpu product page will show a recommended psu
if u have any plan for multilple gpu in future ,,then bundle more power
note: get some than reccomended!
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