1. P

    CPU hotter than it was

    hi 6 years before I assembled a rig with Athlon II X2 Regor 240 When I started the PC it used to show 26 degree, But now it is showing 36 Looks like heat sink or fan is malfunctioning Now what do you think I should do? Shall I replace the heat sink or just fan? Or do you think something...
  2. A

    new aquagaurd ro water purifier showing 0 tds

    hi guys, new aquagaurd ro water purifier showing 0 tds whereas tap water showing 72 tds used Buy CPEX Pocket Digital Tds Meter For RO Filter Purifier Water Quality Tester With Free Carry Case Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.i for tds i m worried as i read online that 0 tds is bad, is...
  3. S

    Call of Duty modern warfare3

    Sir, my sytem is af001-ax.It has 4 gb ram.It is 64bit operating system.Sir i have installed the whole game but it is showing the error that it cannot write a file.So sir what should i do.
  4. A

    Can Access the Computer but cannot ping

    Sir, Since last few days I m experiencing a problem in my network .I can access the certain computers but I cannot ping the same computer .It is showing 'request time out' . What could be the reason and how can I solve it. Regards
  5. S

    Xiaomi Mi4i - Date format & Location problem

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Xiaomi Mi4i. Facing two problems :- a) Date format - I have selected the date format as 31/12/99 (dd/mm/yy). The home screen is showing the date in this format. However, sms is showing date as 12/31 (mm/dd). Cant find any settings for changing this. b)...
  6. Skyh3ck

    2 GB Memory Card showing as 36.7 MB

    Hello Friends I have a 2 GB card, using in a phone, it was working fine, later i wanted to add some song, so i connected the card to PC via adapter, it prompted to format the card, I formated the card but now its showing only 36.7 MB on PC and phone. Pleaes help guy what to do now, I had...
  7. M

    Data Lost after formatting PC

    I recently formatted my windows 7 pc and after it what i see is my D drive showing that it is occupying the memory space but not showing any data...Please help me out... its really urgent....
  8. rohitshakti2

    Pen drive showing less space

    I am using 2 GB pen drive and now when I connected it to my pc it is showing only 49 mb and rest of the space as unallocated when I saw it in managing the hdd as below. Pls tell how to get the rest of space back.
  9. rohitshakti2

    Bios Boot Failure problem

    Hi friends I have AMD Quadcore 635 and Gigabyte 785G mobo. I had OC it to 3.4 ghz. Recently it showed BIOS and boot failure and asked me to use the default settings and I did it but it is still showing error of BIOS failure. I even downloaded a bios file and flashed it but it is still...
  10. akhilc47

    Lumia black update help please

    Hi guys, I've a lumia 720 and I wish to update it to latest black. The problem is I don't have a wifi or 3g. Previously for the amber update I used nokia NSU retail software. But it is not showing any new updates now. Still showing the same firmware (1334.0001 or something like that). I have a...
  11. D

    urgent lost

    is there anyway to recover galaxy s4. chances seem to be nil but in case someone finds it is it possible to track? can it be made untrackable by making some firmware change. it is currently showing switched off although my gps is turned on and it is locked with pin.
  12. T

    iPhone 4 not working

    suddenly my iphone 4 has stopped working. nothing is showing upon pressing any button. tried charging with its adapter but nothing is displaying or creating any sound......the strange thing is those who are calling my number are getting usual ring bells but nothing is showing or ringing...
  13. W

    Hard drive showing life as 27 days!

    Hi, In Hard disk Sentinel, its showing below message in RED. The drive found 82 bad sectors during its self test. There are 82 weak sectors found on the disk surface. They may be remapped any time in the later use of the disk. 850 errors occured during data transfer. This may indicate...
  14. S

    "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" Error in Windows 8/8.1

    Hello ... I'm Sahil From India. Whenever I Try To Install Any Windows OS Recent Than Windows 7 on My PC. After A Few Days My PC Starts Showing The "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" Error. My PC Hangs And A Blue Screen Appears Showing THE ABOVE Error At The Bottom. I have A : -> FoxConn...
  15. A

    taking much time after booting.

    My laptop hp g4 2049tx taking time about 5-10 minute to be in a workable state. 2-3 days before i was defragging my hdd's E(3rd) partition(total 3 partition), which was showing 6% fragmentation. Unintentionaly i shutdown my laptop and when i restated it, it took 5-10 minute to be in workable...
  16. V

    What would you make out of CRT tv???

    Its an Onida igo series 21" CRT TV..... if anyone knows kindly tell waht happened to it???:cry: Its showing only this display continuously...... only for once it worked in between this period!
  17. prds359

    Help To Set Up Netgear N300

    hello, i'm trying to install Netgear N300 router to my windows 7 64bit laptop for the first time. I did set up the whole thing as described in the manual but it's showing there is a network available but it's not connected to it (a yellow arrow is showing over the network sign). I'm using cable...
  18. technova

    New Samsung LED TV Problem

    Hi, I have made up my mind and cancelled Nexus 4 and purchased a new 32" Samsung LED TV on 15th Aug. The model No is UA32F4000ARMXL, to be frank, its a new model but I am unable to locate the same on their website. However I can see UA32F4000ARLXL but not UA32F4000ARMXL. From very first day...
  19. sahil1033

    USB Dongle not showing up in My Computer

    I bought a Micromax MMX 300C modem and installed it, everything was fine. I uninstalled it using 'Revo Uninstaller' and since then it's not showing up in 'My Computer' and I'm feeling very annoyed because it's showing in 'Device Manager' stating "This device is working properly". Help ASAP.
  20. bukaida

    How is this head phone and the offer ?

    I need to buy a headphone and searching online for the same. I came across this offer in ebay Original Sennheiser HD 201Headphone for iPod Walkmen MP3 Player All 3.5 Jack | eBay However, the same model on flipkart and Naaptol is showing the price almost double. I am not a frequent online...
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