Home Electronic Show in Delhi

Ankit Omar

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Great news for technology lovers and tech savvy guys like, it’s time to have a close look on new gadgets and upcoming technology in other home electronic products.

Home Electronic Show (HES) is almost about to begin, it will be held on October 26, 27 & 28, 2012 in New Delhi, India. Hopefully this event is going to be the biggest event ever happened in India and I guess it’s pretty similar to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) like the one which was held in America every year.

Free entry registrations are open, interested people can register themselves, your friends and colleague here HES - NEW DELHI : NDTV HOME ELECTRONICS SHOW, October 26-28

I’m just excited to be there are you? Or if yes, then what would be your preferred category to search about? Mine would be smartphones, Tablets, TV and other tech stuff....:razz:

Kirtu Jindal

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Of course I would love to go there, but I am not sure whether I could go to Delhi for this event or not.
Anyways thanks for sharing the news and keep posting the related updates.


Ask the man who owns one!
I have already registered myself on last Friday and surely will go there.
Seems like we'll have fun with friends in that event :-D


In the zone
Great !! Registering now.

Anybody have any idea if one can register 2 passes with same mobile number ?


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Wow...that's wonderful news!!!
I will come to Delhi on Oct 24 for some family function and will going to rock the city for around a week with friends; I guess this event would be the best place to visit at that moment...let me register now!
Anyways Ankit thanks for sharing such a great news:-D
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