1. Harsh Pranami

    Need help removing shortcut virus

    Hi friends. My computer just got this weird virus from my roommate's lappy. Whenever I plug in any usb drive, all the contents of that usb drive gets hidden and shortcuts are created. Although I can access all the files by using the option 'Show hidden items', but I thinks it's good if that...
  2. L

    Can't get the "send to" shortcut working

    I can use ES File explorer fine. I can also go to "lan" and it always sees a drive I have attached to my router. It never sees the other computers, I always have to press "scan". I can then see everything I want to, however, it is MUCH easier to use the "send" command. There is even a new...
  3. G

    pendrive shows 'shortcut' on opening

    Hi guys, I'm using Lenovo E49 laptop with win7 ult 32-bit. Whenever I connect any pendrive and open it, it shows a 'Pendrive (XX GB) shortcut (xx bytes)' instead of the files in it. This also happaned when I inserted my SD card in the slot. This started happening a few weeks ago. Is this a...
  4. A

    Pen drive showing shortcut to itself: Virus??

    when i click on my pen drive, only a shortcut to itself appears inside. wen i click on it, a new window opens nd all my files are inside. tried formatting but each time i add a file to drive, the shortcut appears & the file is stored inside the shortcut foldr. now i think my pc and all pen...
  5. R

    cs 1.6 problem!

    guys i have aHP MINI 110-3106TU. and i just downloaded cs 1.6 on it. The problem is that we have to press F1 button to automatically get a weapon at the start of the game, but my useless dabba opens up a HP HELP AND SUPPORT box on pressing pls help!! maybe thats the shortcut key for...
  6. justme101

    Recycler virus!!! Help!

    A friend of mine has the problem with this virus. Any folder which i sent from my pc to a pendrive appeared normal in my pc but when it was plugged into my friend's pc the icon's of the folders changed into a shortcut icon but i can still open them. And there is a folder called "RECYCLER"...
  7. curioustechy

    Keyboard shortcut

    Hi all what is the keyboard shortcut for switching between different sheets in excel
  8. TheHumanBot

    Run Multiple Instances of GTalk

    [/IMG] How to run Multiple GTalk Intact and then you will be able to Login with multiple google accounts at once. here is the small tutorial. * First, create one copy of the Google Talk shortcut on your desktop – leave the original intact. * Right click on this shortcut and choose...
  9. R

    In Windows XP making a shorcut to java jar file

    I have got a jar file. I want to make a shortcut for it so that the jar is executed by the command: "java -jar <jarfile>" on clicking the shortcut. I tried creating the new shortcut in explorer and typing the above command, it didn't work.
  10. shaunak

    Start Google Chrome directly in incognito mode

    Here's a short guide on how to start Google chrome directly in incognito mode. 1> Create a new shortcut. Right click on the existing shortcut and select "new shortcut" 2> Rename the new shortcut to something cool. 3> Right click on the new shortcut> "Properties" 4> Add...
  11. topgear

    How To Eject/Close CD/DVD Drive Tray With Desktop Shortcut

    By default windows only allow us to eject the CD/DVD drive tray from the explorer. But windows doesn't allow us to close the drive tray. There are software & tricks available that allows you to eject/close your CD/DVD drive tray. But to use them either you have to open up explorer or run a...
  12. ninad_mhatre85

    create shortcut keys

    hi i want to create shortcut keys but not the usual way like create shortcut then properties -> shortcut coz this doent work always so i want something which will work 100% like somewhere in registry. is it possible ? i dont like to use mouse every now and then when i m working so wanted...
  13. R

    show desktop keyboard shortcut on ubunutu??

    On ubunutu what is the keyboard shortcut for show desktop? what is the keyboard shortcut for show application menu? When I auto hide the bar then show desktop gets hidden & I need to use keyboard. I am used to vista win key+D & win key+E to do the above task.
  14. jal_desai

    Windows Vista: Easily navigate to Network Connections ... a very short tutorial

    Many of u must be knowing this but i thot of posting it...(sorry if it's a re-post... mods, feel free to delete it)... In Windows XP, it was rather very easy to navigate to the My Network Connections folder. However in Windows Vista, it has become a tiresome job. You have to take a long way...
  15. jerin3013

    Shutdown pc with a Timer

    METHOD 1 Do you know that you can make your PC shutdown at a time u wish to? Here is the trick!! How To Make A Shutdown Timer! Step 1: Right click on your desktop and choose "New=>shortcuts". Step 2: In the box that says "Type the location of the shortcut", type in "shutdown -s -t...
  16. ashish_patel

    lateeeest windows hacksss

    How to hack windows XP admin password If you log into a limited account on your target machine and open up a dos prompt then enter this set of commands Exactly: cd\ *drops to root cd\windows\system32 *directs to the system32 dir mkdir temphack *creates the folder temphack copy logon.scr...
  17. S

    network connection 'n' shortcut in linux?

    hi! tell me how to make a network connection in linux as made in windows means i can connect 'n' dissconnect manually as to use free rapidshare downloading 'n' can i create shortcut on desktop or menu rather than assigning a static ip connection specially using broadband
  18. krishnandu.sarkar

    Shortcut For Maximize n Minimize

    Hey...........can any1 here can tell me whatz d keyboard shortcut fr maximization n minimization in windows XP prof.?? I searched lot in help n services but the combos r not workin.............
  19. shady_inc

    New opera shortcut!!

    Just discovered a new shortcut in Opera.Open up multiple tabs.Now press the right mouse button and while keeping it pressed,scroll the mouse wheel to cycle through the open tabs. Anyone please post more shortcuts like this..;)
  20. V

    Make Your Own Run Commands

    Hi Friends, This is my third tutorial my all other tutorial was liked by everyone hope you will also like this tutorial.... Please leave a comment.;) ;) You can make your own run commands.:o :o If you want to launch a program from run window folloe thse steps:- 1. Create a shortcut of...
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