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cs 1.6 problem!


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guys i have aHP MINI 110-3106TU. and i just downloaded cs 1.6 on it. The problem is that we have to press F1 button to automatically get a weapon at the start of the game, but my useless dabba opens up a HP HELP AND SUPPORT box on pressing F1..so pls help!! maybe thats the shortcut key for it...how to change it?

also pls tell me which wud be the best mouse for playing cs on my netbook...within 500.
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Change the control buttons from main menu>option>control (keyboard) in this scroll down you will find "Automatically buy Equipment" just double click on & Press F1 Button.apply & OK.
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Thts a stupid feature of HP laptops.They activate the special functions by the default pressing of F keys instead of Fn plus F keys.
Buddy, to autobuy u ll hav press Fn plus F1 key ,unless der is a way to exchnge the default config of those keys.
Post this query in the laptops help thread.
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