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  1. S

    GoW 1 + GoW2 (PS2)

    Hi Guys.. As per the topic, i would like to purchase GoW 1 + GoW 2 for PS2. Scratchless Disks. Condition shd be as mint as possible. NCR Deal Preferred. TIA.
  2. liquidsnake


    with the launch of 3g in india the companies are selling 3g usb modems i have seen of two hsdpa from bsnl & hspa from airtel i was wondering which shd i opt for mostly i download n play online googles but am not satisfied so posting here
  3. R

    Good Phones in 8k

    Jst can u suggest a few phns i shd hav a look at in d 8k range
  4. S

    Xbox 360 v Gaming PC

    This decision is really tough. Shd I upgrade my computer to max or shd I go for an Xbox 360? I have been a PC gamer all my life and I'm very used to keyboard/mouse controls. Upgrading the PC will cost around 18-20K. The Xbox under the christmas offer is coming for 15K (all incl. of taxes) with a...
  5. ashfame

    Good Performimng Lappy

    Hi friends tell me abt some lappy config. For which shd i go for and which brand shd i prefer? I want a good performer which can show all the eye candy without compromising with performance. So plz suggest something..
  6. A

    configuration reqd

    hi friends i want to run autocad2007 staadpro 2006 primavera 3d max etc on my pc.. so which configuration shd i settle do reply
  7. H

    Any 5300/5500 owner???

    Hi can anyone tell the approx price of these fones...n the accessories bundled with them...micro sc/mmc (capacity) n the headset...shd i go for one of these..i need it for 1.music 2.games cam not necessary.... or w300i??
  8. D

    need good speakers...

    hello world! ;) i currently own an altec lancing 2.1.. (the old model.. 3 yrs back waala..) being an audio phile, i have finally decided to let go of them n buy myself new ones.. so heres the deal: 1. Good Clean bass 2.Excellent audio Quality 3. Shd be LOUD!! these r the 3 requirements i m...
  9. H

    Hows W300i????

    Well i want a decent cell arnd 7k...i m inclined towards w300 as i get evrything out of the box...hpm-70 , 256 mb memory,data cable...shd i go for it??? Features i m looking for: Gr8 music.. Games.. Fm Vga cam is ok for me...
  10. D

    ipod or se 810i???

    ok.. this is a wierd query.. i cant decide whether to buy an ipod 30 gb or se 810i.. i need a good music player and a phone as well.. i currently own an n-gage qd which is an antique piece now as its no longer available in the market! so wat do u guys say?? shd i spend 11k on ipod and continue...
  11. ketanbodas

    Vectra is Cool

    Stardock WindowBlinds new skin VECTRA skin is really cool :-) Has any1 tryd it ? U cn get it here at http://www.wincustomize.com/ViewSkin.aspx?SID=1&SkinID=5861&LibID=1 Also u guys shd chk out winstep xtreme desktop http://www.winstep.net/news.asp
  12. A

    New PC

    hi guys im going to build a core 2 duo pc my requirements i will use this pc for watching movies,music and gaming 24/7 downloading :ohyeah: budget:30k to 35k (actually budget is not a problem i will stretch my budget all i want is a powerfull and kick azzz pc for my money :D so plz...
  13. B

    Battle of the PDA's in my Head

    Hi guyss.. well i am planning to get a PDA but am KINDA CONFUSED WHICH 1 TO GO 4 OR shd i still stick wit GSM mobiles in GSM mobile i hv jst 2 mobiles 2 choose frm: 1. Nokia N80 2. Sony Ericsson W900i in PDA i hv the foll options: O2 Xda Mini S O2 Xda Atom / Exec Dopod 838 Pro...
  14. C

    LINUX - How and What to learn ??

    i am an SE student doing B-tech in IT i wanted to learn linux as i wanted to pursue projects in it 1. which version shd i use ? Redhat or Fedora , Mandrake , Suse .... 2. Shd i install it directly and start using and try to figure stuff out or shd i learn abt it beforehand ?? 3. for...
  15. C

    virtualdub settings

    i do full compression mode for both audio and video ... video: divx6 codec single pass extremer quality audio: lame mp3 128kbps audio 22000 khz (i think) my main problem is that shd i decrease the audio to 64kbps as i think it reduces my size by say 100mb or so ?? what say ?
  16. J

    Cabinet help please!!

    Hello Guys can you please help me out getting a ATX tower cabinet, dont need it to be stylelish, just that it shd have good power 440 watts(as i am getting XFX 6600GT card) and can add couple of good cabinet fans, one to the front and the other at rear (leaving the SMPS fan), so that I can keep...
  17. M

    at wht price i shd sell this???

    i want to sell my old 3315...i got a customer 4 it.........at wht price i shd sell it...i hav no idea abt cell phone market....
  18. Y

    (SDRAM or DDR) advice me plzzz

    hi, People i got assembled my computer last year's summer .. & i paid for a DDR 512 MB RAM .. now when I checked it using CPU-Z.. i found its SDRAM 512 MB (133 MHz) Now shd I ask from my dealer abt this ... Shd i get it exchanged ... plzz tell me!! Although my comp is working just fine...
  19. S

    Recording TV prog using PC

    Hi I've heard that its possible to record TV programs using PC.. How do i go about doin this?.. What alll shd i buy and how do i do?...
  20. M

    "Run time error 9"

    Hello friends, Whenever i try to access my hardrive/any folders/internet/ or say access any program I recieve this error, "Run time error 9", subscript out of range What shd i do... I have Windows XP Professional. Regrds Mark
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